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I have a debate on the topic "Youth of Today are driven by Materialism" and I have to speak AGAINST the topic. Please help me with some points. I thought u could help with points related to your topic.....

Dear Harsh,

I really do not have much to say on this topic, except that my son, now 28, became interested im meditation at age 9 or 10, and is quite awake and conscious now.

Also, I wrote this recently in a new book I am working on:

"Fortunately, this awakening is happening with increasing rapidity throughout the world today. Young people and old, those who have been on a spiritual quest for only a short time, and those who have been pursuing it for many years, decades in some cases, are now waking up. Our future looks bright."

Namaste, brother



Spiritual Awakening, Growth, and Enlightenment

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