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It seems that the more enlightened a person becomes the more "flat" their personality becomes.  Is there anyway to be enlightened and still be funny and have a personality?  Most of my personality is funny sarcasm.  If I lose that...what will I have left to share that side of me?
Thanks, Gabi

Dear Truth-seeker Gabi,

Please do not be concerned about having your personality change ever ! This is because God the Universal Father-Infinite I AM has given you (and all humans) an absolutely unique "I am of I AM personality that never changes in time nor in Eternity !  

What changes then as humans mature and progress?

First, the physical body grows and changes throughout a whole lifetime on earth. After physical death, there is a longer, progressive change in our several higher soul forms. Later, we further ascend into still higher Heavens in a longer series of seven higher Spirit forms and become eternal Residents in the perfect Paradise Family of God and also can serve in countless, more glorious adventures in new universes and super-universes without end !

Second, the human mind - material, soul and then spiritual mind continues to attune with God  without limit in all types of wisdom, comprehension and experiences.

So it seems that you are searching for improvement and vitality in the large, nearly limitless arena of your mind. You are enabled to constantly change your mind as to what you personally desire to focus upon, and do or not do.   Good humor is just one skill of countless others to learn and experience in continual progress in scientific, moral, spiritual and even God-conscious enlightenment.  

You and all normal humans have many spiritual gifts to assist in spiritual enlightenment. God's pure spirit Essence now indwells your soul and mind ! The Spirit of Truth does also to help lead you into all Truth ! And the Holy Creative Spirit of God also gives you higher spiritual and mind abilities ! This is a three-as-one combined spiritual Presence upon and within you and all moral humans.  All we humans have to do is to seek God and practice his Omnipresence in Whom we live, grow and have our Being ... Then his/her perfect peace and lasting joy is increasingly Realized ! On average, humans experience a suddenly increased  spiritual enlightenment after about ages thirty to forty years, with augmented enlightenment continuing in further stages if one remains a sincere seeker of Truth and all things real and enduring.

If you want me to privately recommend some great spiritual books on enlightenment, please e-mail me:  truthist@att.net  I can also send you some selected, supernal, revealed paragraphs to peruse on any specific subject in religion-spirituality, philosophy, history, science, etc. They are all in the public domain; as they are intended to be shared with others who may have similar interests.

If you want to ask me any other questions here, please do.  We all thus grow as student-teachers to and with each other.

Peace and progress in Spirit and in Truth !  

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