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I was wondering how you know when someone is your soulmate? And when I will find mine?


Dear Olya,
Thanks for reaching out.  I'm not an expert on soulmates per se, however, I have a wonderful mate myself.  Here's the best advice I can give you.  Get to know yourself better.  That's the first step in finding your mate- get to know and love yourself unconditionally.  If you can do that, you will also understand who you are looking for and know when you meet that person.  If you don't love yourself then you are guaranteed to meet someone who reflects that lack of love in you.  And guess what...that's not your soulmate.

When will you find that person?  When you stop looking and wondering when you will meet him/her and focus on loving yourself.  

That's my two cents!
I wish you well.

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I can answer questions about abundance, the law of attraction, peace, and love. My passions are about how to access the Higher Self/Source, spiritual development, relationships. I can't answer questions about how your future will turn out.


I have gone through my own spiritual transformation and am a coach and teacher to many women, especially mothers, who are seeking a better connection to Source and joy in their lives. I was living a life of quiet desperation as a suburban mother of three, when I hit a big crisis. I had read and learned from metaphysical teachers about how to connect with who you really are before, but until I hit bottom, I didn't really understand. I then started to work with a coach and studied many teachers when I had a transformation that led to my inspiration to help others.

http://www.ezinearticles.com, Inner Realm magazine, The Motherlode magazine. I have authored a book and online course called "Extraordinary Abundance: Ten Simple Ways to Uncover the Richness of Your Life" and the CD "The Forest Meditations"

I have a Masters of Social Work from Columbia University and a 10 year career working with women focusing on helping them reach their potential. I have read extensively about the Law of Attraction, accessing the Now, belief work, releasing techniques, accessing peace and abundance. I had used this material on myself and others with amazing results.

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Most of my clients are mothers who are searching for a deeper,more meaningful life for themselves and their families. I also work with women and men who are looking for guidance and support with personal and business issues.

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