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Jim i have a question concerning what were all here for. The human race as a whole is just a blink in the span of the entire universe. So if there is a god then why us? And what is our purpose because we don't even really matter as a whole. Is it all just our minds trying to give us importance so that's why we turn to religion and a belief that we aren't just an accident? If that's the case then why are we really here? Or do we even have a purpose. Sorry if it doesn't make sense but that's the best i knew how to word it.


Hello Daniel,

The answers to your questions are all in my book, END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE which is available from www.amazon.com for $14.

The quick answer is in the piece below.




Religious Stories

  Throughout history, people have invented many stories about God, from ancient tribal beliefs and myths, all the way up to the beliefs we have today.
  Each religion has its own story about the mysterious power behind all manifest creation, whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, or any one of the countless other religions that exist.
  What they all have in common is their story—and that they depend on the story, on believing in it and adhering to it, to attract and keep their followers.
  And yet for anyone who reading this, who is interested in realizing freedom within themselves, a simple fact has to be acknowledged: a story, even the noblest, most beautiful, and most sacred of stories, is still just a story! It is not the truth! The truth is what exists in the wordless, timeless space of here, now.
  What exists here, now? You, reading this book, exist here, now. You are very aware of existing here, now. The fact that you exist here now is undeniable. Indeed, it is the only thing of which you can, in this very moment, be absolutely certain.
  Yes, you have a past, a personal history, which you can think about and remember, and your past needs to be valued. You can also use the power of your mind to imagine, speculate, dream, and envision what you may do and accomplish in the future. We all do this, and we need to do it consciously in order to ensure our survival and well-being.
  But reality is lived here, now. The more awake and free you are, the less need you have to “believe” in anything, and that includes the religion you may have been raised in.
The freedom from needing to “believe” in anything is tremendously liberating.
  Then you are open to, and you begin to love, everyone and everything—and yes, you can always choose, consciously, to step back from, even reject, a behavior or situation not conducive to the general good.
  You understand more clearly how religions began in the first place: to give meaning and purpose to lives that were otherwise bereft of true meaning, and to give people a sense of community, of belonging.
  As you awaken to the timeless truth within—the freedom, love, and joy that is your inherent nature—living becomes naturally rich in all those qualities that religion, with varying degrees of success, provided. Beauty, truth, love, and purpose are all yours as you live and act from the depths of our true nature.
  Your sense of meaning comes from existence itself—from being one with the aliveness, fullness, and creative potential of this moment here, right now. Then you use the power of story to create, communicate, and collaborate, but you are no longer limited by it, and no longer afraid of anything.
  Yes, most religions use a very subtle, though not necessarily intentional, form of fear to hold sway over their followers. They rely on the fear of “God’s” judgment, and the story about the “hell” that awaits those who incur His wrath. It is what keeps believers in check, and prevents them from straying too far from the fold. It requires, usually, tremendous courage to break free from the hold of religion and march to the beat of your own drum.
  But when you do break free, you begin to realize that what you’ve been searching for all along exists within you, and always has. Freedom, beauty, and love are your very nature, your true nature. And they are right here, right now.
  Ramakrishna, the great Indian spiritual master, said this: “The mind will take you into the courtyard of the Beloved, but only the heart will get you into the bedroom.”
  More and more, you will find that decisions as to what works best in relationships, in society, and even in politics flows out of a clear, loving consciousness, free of any single religious “story” or belief about what is best.
  So you will look around you, and even as you honor the truth and beauty that exists in all religious traditions, you’re just open to life, open to the endless creative possibilities and opportunities awaiting you.  

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