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Dear raja. I have recently been thinking about what it means to be enlightened. I don't believe in any form of religion because i believe them to be opinions of a person. what id like to know is was the buddahs teachings on enlightenment his own form of it or was it everyone's form of enlightenment. Do i have to believe in all the buddahs teachings to reach enlightenment? Or do i have to form my own path? I believe that we have a purpose here but i don't know what it consists of. sorry if this is confusing but i worded it as best i knew how. hopefully you will be able to help me. thanks

Dear Daniel,

You need to have your own path to enlightenment. However, you need to have deep desire for enlightenment prior to pursuing it. Enlightenment cannot be yet another goal in life. It has to be the ONLY goal.

Without knowing what enlightenment is, it will be difficult to desire it deeply. It is not necessary to believe in any form of religion for getting enlightenment. But the pursuit of enlightenment will automatically take you to one or more religion.

The ONLY PURPOSE of EVERY HUMAN BEING on earth is to enjoy the present life. This is possible only if we realize that only this present moment (HERE and NOW) is the truth and everything else is illusion.  Space and time do not exist but merely appear to exist. This realization is enlightenment.

To fulfill the life's purpose, one has to get enlightened. Very few people like Eckhart Tolle , get enlightenment without actively seeking it. It is possible for everyone to get enlightenment but they need to actively work for it.

Personal belief has no role in enlightenment. It does not matter whether the religious teachings are someone's personal opinion or not. All religions, without any exception, guide people towards enlightenment. Therefore, one may choose any one of them and follow it sincerely.

Every religion has two aspects. One: A set of rituals to be followed. Two: A set of knowledge to be understood. Following a set of rituals is for preparing the mind to receive the knowledge. Therefore, until one is ready to learn, one should blindly follow the religions prescriptions. However, this cannot be a lifelong process. One has to start gaining the knowledge at the earliest. When the ultimate knowledge is gained, one is enlightened.

Enlightenment is ONLY ONE. There are no types or forms of enlightenment. But the path to enlightenment may vary. There are many religions/sub-sects. One may carve out a personal path or choose to follow the footsteps of another towards enlightenment.

After enlightenment, the life's purpose is fulfilled.

Thanks for asking me this important question. I do hope I have answered your questions completely. If not, please do not hesitate to post a new question.

My suggestion is to reflect on the above answer and then seek more clarity on any one specific point. Enlightenment although possible for everyone is not easy. Therefore, please pursue it seriously but one step at a time.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan

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