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I been feeling this way for quite some time now. I feel like I'm here. But My mind is somewhere far off. Like I been doing stuff in my daily life as in, looking into Reiki classes. I been wondering about how I can heal myself and use my energy in different ways. I been getting into deep meditation states where I feel myself. Inside my body almost. And I don't really know why I am doing this exactly. Like I know that it's relaxes you and it's good for you but I don't know what in the world lead me to this point in my life. Like everytime I turn my head when I'm outside, I find myself looking up into the sky or the stars and it's like I feel apart of the breeze and apart of the air around me. I dont know why I feel this way and what is leading me to this and what should I do? I'm sorry if this question is a loaded or confusing question. I'm just wondering what could possibly be going on with me? And what should I pursue in doing?? Thanks so much for your time.

Hi Andrea,

I am sorry, there are some parts of your question I do not understand. But overall, it sounds like it could be several things. Is there some aspect of your life you want to escape from? Sometimes when we don't want to focus on an immediate issue in our real life, we turn try to turn to "another world" where that problem would not exist. If this is the case, I recommend some kind of counseling to help you face your real life circumstances in the real world.

On the other hand, if you are sure there is nothing from which you would like to escape, then it could be that perhaps you are going through some sort of expansion spiritually. Maybe your inner Self is trying to lead you in a different direction, or you are trying to connect to a larger reality than the immediate one you can see with your eyes.

In this case, I would highly recommend you get involved in some sort of spiritual practice, and perhaps find a spiritual guide to help you along. Personally, I am highly partial to Reiki, and if you feel drawn to that, I highly recommend you pursue it. There are no words to describe the depths by which Reiki has enhanced my life. On the other hand, plenty of other people have progressed through other spiritual practices of all sorts. Meditation, yoga, etc. I say, poke around in some different spiritual practices, and see what suits you. Many people are involved with multiple practices, because they realize no one tradition provides/allows everything they are looking for.  

I wish you well on your path, but do please remember, the most highly spiritual people are also effective in their daily "real world" lives. Though they might be connecting with something "above the clouds," they also seek to make a difference here on earth.  

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