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Dear Jim Dreaver
I am struggling at the moment, as I have for most of my life, with depression. I feel like my life is on hold, and I cannot see a way forward. I feel like I have been on a spirtual path for some time but don't know what I should be doing with my life. Please can you give me any advice on how to break the cycle? Many Thanks Jx


Dear Jx,

I spent 20 years on a "spiritual path," seeking awakening, enlightenment, or inner freedom - and finally woke up one morning as a result of being depressed.

So, there is great hope for you!

I recommend you get hold of my book, END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE, which is all about freeing ourselves from suffering and discovering our true purpose in life. You can buy it from amazon.com for $14.

Also, I am offering a free 30 min skype session - personal guidance really helps. Email me at jdreaver@aol.com if interested.

Love and blessings,



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I can answer any existential question - i.e. "Who am I?" "What am I here to do?" and "What is the meaning of life?"


I was on a spiritual journey for twenty years before awakening to my true nature. Am a regular teacher at Esalen Institute (www.esalen.org). Website www.jimdreaver.com

See www.endyourstory.com, the website of my most recent book, END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE.

Four years postgraduate/doctoral degree

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