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Dear Bob,

I have had what you would describe as an 'STE' on two occasions, during meditation. On both occasions, one when I was 19 and one at age 31, I left my body and was in the presence of a golden orb, which emitted incredible love, safety and joy. I have since found out, to my amazement, that there are other practitioners that seek to access this golden orb and in fact there are tapes and cd's you can try.

The second time this happened to me I really took notice, it was a profound experience of such bliss, yet it set off a chain of events that led to me losing connection with many things in my life - job, friends, interests, and actually going through a period of depression as my life was re-orienting itself to reflect this experience I'd had.  I'm still on that path and I've recently found very good health and an end to depression through the ancestral health, or paleo, diet, and have become sort of a member of this online community of people who are seeking to live from an ancestral health standpoint

My main question, with regards to the experience I had, is that I cannot help but draw a parallel with the sun - the sun is after all the emitter of all energy and we are matter that is energized by it - although the complexities of life and organisms are a mystery to us, there is no doubt that the sun is the source of all life, and what appeared to me during that meditation was like a version of the sun.  Does it sound reasonable or plausible that somewhere in our minds or bodies there might be some sort of 'imprint' of the sun, that we can access and feel its energy and joy?

Since my experience I've become more and more open to the idea that life is meant to be joyful and triumphant, in the way that the sun's energy is constant and infinite (or as good as) and that at the core of our existence is a force of joy, that life isn't supposed to be hard in the way that modern society seems to engender the 'struggle' - we are supposed to be alive and free. After all the word enlightenment can be taken to mean both to be covered in light, or to be unburdened from a heavy load - so much of what I used to worry about has fallen away, and so much of human activity that is oriented towards this 'struggle' has become meaningless to me.  Some of the things I've realized:

We should now make it our priority to grow our own food, because the earth is bountiful.

Children should no longer be confined in rooms all day in the form of 'school' this is an aberration of nature

We are advanced enough as a species not to have to work 40+ hours per week - only our culture prevents us from collectively realizing this.

The earth is overflowing with food and wants to nourish us, yet many people eat mainly factory-processed gunk.

We should spend much of our time outside and be more physically active.

Wow this has been a long question, thanks for reading, any comments I'd be interested to read.


The Sun
The Sun  
Hi Owen - thank you for taking the time to submit such a detailed question and descriptions on a variety of spiritual topics.

It appears that your main question is: "Does it seem plausible that somewhere in our minds or bodies there might be some sort of 'imprint' of the sun that we can access and then feel its energy and joy?"

Since there's no scientific evidence on this topic, we find ourselves in the realm of speculative, esoteric philosophy - and for such matters, let's turn to Theosophy:

"The ancients understood the real Sun is the storehouse of our little island in space, ever self-generating its vital electric fluid, and ever receiving as much as it gives out. There is a regular circulation of the vital fluid throughout our planetary system, of which the Sun is the heart the same as the circulation of the blood in the human body sustains our life. And the Sun contracts as rhythmically at every ebb and flow of fluid as the human heart does."

So, according to this theory, Theosophy claims that there is a correspondance between the "real Sun" (a Central Sun) and the heart system within the body (as above; so below). Additionally, this theory states that human systems are "imprints" or replicas of everything in the universe. Therefore, it seems plausable that the heart (which is our life-giver) is analogous to the "real Sun," which is the life-giver to the cosmos. Since the Central Sun is a star - and since humans are made of stardust - it also seems reasonable to theorize that there is a direct micro/macro connection between the the heart and the Sun. Interestingly, the first beat of the heart is the first sign of life in the womb, and the first pulsation of the Central Sun sets the stage for life to begin in the cosmos.

What an excellent question! I appreciate your keen insights and deep thinking on this topic.

I hope this information is helpful to you - with best wishes, Bob Waxman  

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