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QUESTION: I really want to know about rebirth and the facts associated with it. How do we plan out our life so that we can get a good life.Do we meet the same people who we knew before ? Can it occur that the ones who have hurt us, get hurt by us unintentionally, due to their past actions. Please answer anything that you know about it.

ANSWER: Hello Abie,

Thank You for the question or for that matter many questions bundled!

I apologize for the delay in responding to your questions. I would try to answer your question to the best of my understanding of things as mentioned in the below paragraph:

Rebirth is something which many civilizations believe in. The greatest example is the Tibetiens. Reincarnation is what they call. For your greater understanding you may see movies like 'Little Buddha'. It is a belief which is existent and to which I somewhat agree too but many questions still remain unanswered about Rebirth.

Considering rebirth is a possibility and true, the next  question is the objective of knowing your past life? Is there something that reminds you about your past life? Do you want to know people around you were at anytime associated with you in past life, and if so the behavior pattern of these people has something to do with your actions or behavior with them in your past life?

The answer to all these questions may be true to you. Through Past life regression it is possible to know the facts related to your previous life and people whom you were associated with,etc. It is also said that we carry some personality traits from our previous lives( whether good or bad, which could be overcome or controlled through Hypnosis.

If we hold  the above true, through karmic connections you may meet people previously associated with you in this life. Also your karma may decide there behavior with you.

To lead a good life, one may try to show more acceptance, forgiveness and no expectation in life. I know its difficult for most of us. But if you can follow it by heart, it will show in your behavior naturally and make your life happy and beautiful.

Trust my response gives you some light and answers your questions.

Wish you best of the life's...

Prem Amit

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much. I would love to live a life free of expectations and worry. But this materialistic space doesn't let us garner any peace and quiet. I could just do any social welfare if that would really help a person get a good rebirth.

Abie...I dint realize earlier that while you are thanking me, you again getting into some thought process as to how to get peace.

I would like to respond on the following quotes you made:

But this materialistic space doesn't let us garner any peace and quiet. I could just do any social welfare if that would really help a person get a good rebirth.

Understand Abie,

You should know yourself first, Know yourself means to be fair to yourself, understand yourself, what you like, what you want to do, what things on earth you enjoy doing, follow your heart...if you are not doing these things it would be difficult to find peace...

Social welfare could be a temporary solution by which you may feel you are doing good to the society. You need to understand doing good to yourself should be your first motto in life...if your soul is happy people around you would be happy...so off course if you feel social welfare is a thing which interests you go for it....Also there is no reason for us to enjoy and celebrate even if people or the world around us is materialistic

Trust you are doing good its been long time...anyways hope you have made a better life


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