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Dear Sir,

This is a quote from the film Little Buddha: "O, trickster; phantom of my own ego, you are pure illusion. You, self, do not exist. The earth is my witness to this Supreme Enlightenment." - Siddhartha to Mara, the demon of illusion.
I am not sure if Lord Buddha himself said this. However it has some meaning and I would like to know how Mara was the phantom of Siddhartha's ego. I couldn't understand. Please help.


Hello Utkarsh,

I am sorry for the delayed response. I would like to answer your question as follows:

Mara being a demon wanted to be the supreme power of the world. In Sidhartha he saw someone who was capable of challenging him in attaining his goal.
When he could not do anything to Sidhartha throug all other means, he tried to use this trick to stop Sidhartha from attaining enlightenment. By this statement Sidhartha knew the only thing which could stop him from enlightenment can be ones ego. If someone things he has already attained the supreme enlightenment the whole would the universe is privy to it. That's how Sidhartha had attained the enlightenment. It was a supreme event not only for him but for the whole universe to celebrate.

Friend, For deeper understanding into the life of Buddha, you may also see the movie named ' Sidhartha' . Trust my answer has put some light to your understanding on this.

Thank you and God bless
Prem Amit

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