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In 4 years I have seen thousands of ufos/lightships and I have recently been having mass flyover by angelic light beings. Who am I?? Why do I get to see them in this manner?

Dear Todd:

Thank you for your two questions.  I will answer them both here since “Who am I” was asked separately and along with this question.  I am responding to you based on A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which is non-dualistic spirituality with metaphysical and psychotherapy principles as guidance.

Every moment you are deciding who you are.  The decision making ability in the mind is making choices all the time.  Since the mind is split between the ego and God, it depends on which side you are choosing with because that will be your cause; and you will see the corresponding effect based on the cause.  Regardless, your mind still resides at home with God and has nothing to do with this place.  Who you are is within the mind, part of the One Son of God, and extending Love and Creation with your Creator.  

In the mind, however, the decision to listen and believe the ego has lead to the illusion of this world.  Until you give up the illusion, which is correcting the mind or forgiveness in the Course, you will make decisions within the illusion and those are based on who you believe you are:  God or ego.

That said, the second part of your question is about angelic beings, crop circles and fly overs.  While I cannot address the angelic beings specifically, let me point you back into the mind that you are the one deciding all the time.  You seeing them in that manner, whatever that may be, based on a decision that you, the Son of God, made.  That is your experience.  All the time, remember, you are making with the ego or creating with Love and God.

As for the crop circles, ufo/lightships and fly overs, those are not addressed in the Course except the same answer would apply that I just gave for angelic beings.  However, in a book called,  “Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard, a book which is endorsed by the Foundation for A Course in Miracles, there are some short answers that apply to this subject.  It is on page 193-194.

Basically, some are hoaxes and some are authentic (the ones that are complex).  Since everything, including these, and what you would consider beings from other planets, etc., all extend from the beliefs in the mind, these are an ego attempt to add mystery and keep you looking out into the world for answers instead of going back into the mind.  Only when you go back into your mind (as everything is a projection) are you able to find errors and correct them.

Again, you see what you see based on your beliefs and decisions to do so.  Only the mind needs correcting.  That is why you are having those experiences.  Let me know if you have further questions or need clarification.

Delilah Jaemes

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I don't belong to organizations. In my experience, most of the groups and organizations for A Course in Miracles are not practicing the Course. They are practicing the ego - specialness and differences - and they are turning the Course into a religion (without realizing they are doing so) and therefore distorting it's true meaning. The Course is individual practice and groups are merely for socializing and practicing forgiveness. I personally refer to the Foundation for A Course in Miracles (FACIM) and the Foundation for Inner Peace; but I don't view them as an organizations but rather as a place for clarification since they stay true to the Course.

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I have studied about the ego most of my life and been a student and practitioner of A Course in Miracles since the early 1990's. The Course is something that takes a lifetime to practice and learn, so remember that everyone is a teacher and student at the same time. Only when we actually put the Course into practice and study the text do we come to understand what it means. I will answer to the best of my ability and learning; and I will do my best to get out the way and let the Holy Spirit answer you in the way most helpful to you. It is actually His job to be your teacher (instead of the ego) if you will allow Him; and so the only way for me to be helpful is to let Him be in charge.

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