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Allison\'s Walk
Allison's Walk  
I need you to help me intrepretate this message for me. Back in October I wanted to check out this park where my best guy lives right by and his name is Noel. We were there in the evening under the full moon which was so beautiful and romantic. Best night of my life.
I don't see him that often but I wanted to find an excuse to see him again and to see the park during the day. I went there and the place was so beautiful. Took my breath a way. I really wanted to see him and it made me so sad that he couldn't make his way for me considering how far I made my way.  He was sick and wasn't feeling himself which I understood. I became sad and asked GOD a sign. Any sign. I started walking down this path that took my breath away and there was a sign that said,"Allison's Walk." I felt better and happier and I knew that the message meant something.          I thought it was kind of an odd coincidence that the sign had my name on it. My name on one of my favorite parks since I am a park person and the man who I deeply care for lives right next to it.  
What does this mean? Message mean?

Thank you. :)

Dear Allison,

Thank you for the confidence in me to answer this question.

How beautiful that you got a sign after your prayer. Makes us realize that we are taken care of.

To interpret the message we receive is sometimes hard because we often hear what we want to hear instead of what is true.

So i am going to give you my interpretation, which is just one of probably many, that could be given.

As i see it the fact that you saw Allison's walk at that moment in time, means that you are pointed out to walk your own spiritual path with the faith that you will find everything you need on it. Including a partner if that is what you are longing for inside your heart.

If this partner is going to be Noel, is left open as I see it. Most important thing for you now is to focus on your own path. To listen and let God guide you where to go and when. Like He did when you were in the park.

Hope this will help you further and should have any more questions please let me know.

With love,


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