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Dear Expert. I would like to ask you about sexual changes in our time. Many people talk about a new, feminine area, that is up to come. Does it mean that man will be a bit more feminine and ladies will be some more masculine? Can it also mean, that a bit feminine behaviour doesn't necessarily mean that someone is homosexual? (And on the contrary.) Will the myth of the androgyn come closer to us that way, or we are over that? Thank you very much, good luck.

Dear Veronika,

What a beautiful question. I will try and answer this at the best of my knowledge right now.

As i have experienced it our being is both masculine and feminine. For a long time now we have been living in a more masculine oriented world now as human beings. This is started to shift.

Although in essence we are feminine and masculine we are in our human bodies still male or female.

Our work is to create a beautiful balance or better put inner marriage between our inner masculinity and feminity. This will make us whole.

I do believe though that since i am in this human body, in my case, a female body, although we are uniting our male and femine parts, there will continue to be a difference in our bodies cq systems. So we can express ourselves as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual depending on the systems/body.

Since i myself have united this both parts in me, I allow myself to be more woman then i was. Simple because i now realize that this is my role to play. And I know that although my role maybe different from that of men, our inner power/core is exactly the same.

We all have the same qualities in ourselves to be used intuition as well as ratio, perseverance as well as patience, structure and flexibility etc.

So do we develop into androgyne beings, i do think so. But this will take time, perhaps even generations and a transformation into higher dimensions of ourselves.

Fist step would be to start to love ourself just the way we are right now. And to look at all the imbalances we find in ourself. To bring them back to wholeness.

Do hope this answers your questions. Should you have more, feel fee to ask.

With love,

Liz La Force  

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