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hi,what is the difference between spirituality and religion,thanks

Hi Kelly,
Your question is very simple and that means it's a good one. It's also something that puzzles a lot of people, yet most won't ask because the global economy considers it a waste of time, producing nothing that can be spent. By asking that question you are stating that you are searching for "Something," which is commendable, even if you arrive back at your present understanding. Searching is a human condition, and we don't have to find something new every time. We can also benefit from cementing our existing beliefs, even if we choose to consider them differently after more searching.

Ok lets get to it and I'll try to be as clear with the answer as you were with the question.

Religion can never be described as spiritual. Only people can be spiritual. Religion is not always belief in God or Gods because some, like Buddhism are philosophical. Most of them tell us something about an afterlife or re-incarnation. There's usually a mystical central element with dogma built around that central belief. There can be praying, chanting, meditation, sacrifice and/or charity and good works. You know all that, but I need to start at the beginning. Religion is not spiritual per se. There is no spiritual religion - there is only dogma and an central theme.

I have met Christians and Muslims who were/are very spiritual but I've also met more who weren't. I've met people who don't belong to any established religion who are also very spiritual.

In religion, spirituality can develop around the central belief, whether that belief is true or not. If a person identifies strongly with a belief and moves beyond its simpler and more obvious meaning, while also acknowledging that his/her life can improve because of their adherence, they can take it to another level where their undisturbed focus may reveal the wider nature of existence. The wider nature of existence is a matter of fact (See Below) but the actual nature may be open to individual interpretation, so don't be afraid to think. That is one of the reasons you exist. These are the kind of things we don't normally have time to do, but everyone can get something out of expanding their horizons, even if they only see more rain coming.

Outside religion, or rather, across all beliefs, there is a very human question. Why am I here? It is as spiritual as it is philosophical, but philosophers look for answers in the human psyche. Spiritual people believe or acknowledge a bigger reason. That bigger reason will transcend physical, philosophical, and psychological reasons, because they find precise scientific answers limited in scope.

For example - more than 95% of everything in the physical (Baryonic) universe, is made of of exotic non physical (Non-Atomic) energy or matter. Astrophysicists are calling it dark energy and/or dark matter but that's only because they have no idea what it is, though they are beginning to see what it does in holding the universe in shape. I don't think dark matter or energy has a spiritual element. I also don't believe it refers to dark Satanic forces, but simply point out that our latest scientific disciplines can only explain a fraction of the 5% of total matter that exists and can't even address the major constituents of "Stuff." That's not a lot. Is it? Basically we search for our own answers because some of the boxes created by science are just too small to contain our visions.

Spiritual can sometimes refer to communicating with the spirits of the dead, but I don't take that very seriously, though to some people, that's all spiritualism is.

Back to religion to close. As science can only explain a very small fraction of what everything is about, it would be foolish to assume religions are the sole authority on spirituality. If there was only one correct religion, which is logical, then all the rest have faults. In my personal view all of them have faults, but that doesn't mean they are all bad. They help us focus on helping our neighbors and developing ourselves and as I said, if we firmly believe or adhere to a central theme that also helps us see something of the total reality that we know exists, then great. If they don't help us in any way then maybe you need another catalyst for your mind.

Did you ever hear music that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, or on your arms?
Did you ever see something that was truly out of this world?
Do you believe that belief itself can be a force of creation?
Were you ever stirred into an act of random kindness by seeing another random act of kindness?
Do you believe there is more to this world than scraping by so you can pay taxes to government?
Do you ever wonder what you are truly worth, and we're not talking about life insurance?
Do you believe you can exercise more control over your own destiny?
If you were the master/mistress of your own destiny - would you be inclined to improve things for others too?

None of those question will come up at you next job interview, because they have no money value, yet a thinking person would say YES to all of them, which proves that all of us have a spiritual aspect to our nature, but not all of us chooses to exercise it. It is true that without exercising something, it will eventually die. Keep up the exercise.  

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Any question that is challenging to logic, life experience and insight. No magic and no mysticism. Genuine questions deserve genuine answers otherwise, no one will come back to ask a second question. The basic premise is that this subject attracts genuine seekers. Time wasters tend to focus on more superficial /materialistic subjects. I look forward to offering insights to the kind of people who are not to be fobbed off. I am not afraid to be educated either because out there is someone who can be amazed but who can also amaze.


I have written book on the subject and in doing so did quite a lot of research. Additionally, the kind of focus needed to produce a work of quality has produced no small measure of insight or even revelation if you will. Not mystical stuff but the result of hard work and total focus covering as many aspects as is humanly possible. As stated, if I don't know I am more than willing, even compelled, to engage the questioner so we can both get teh answer together, elsewhere. Bottom line ... we will get to the nub of the problem.

MMmmm. Humanity mainly. Just one human race because there is no other. This is a trick question because to answer questions on my chosen subject would not be helped by belonging to specific groups with specific thought sand behavioral patterns. I am married so I know about kids and wives. I was divorced so I know about conflict and eventually, compromise. I was happy so I can engage. I was sad so I can also sympathize. I am curious so I understand why people ask questions. I am spiritual so I know what drives people to look for improvements to themselves through the application of wisdom.

I have written quite a bit on aviation training but I only mention this so you will know that I have trained in explaining things. No point in knowing something if you can't put it over ... right? I might also put myself down for explaining aviation but as I said, aviation people tend to be multi-ethnic, knowledgeable and very tolerant of others because we were also difficult people to get along with. People who have their heads in the clouds tend to be thinkers and reflectors and that should make us a good source of accumulated knowledge. look at http://www.denismcclean.com for a start.

Basically an aviation expert but bear with me. Aviation tends to bring people to the ends of the Earth and into contact with lots more ethnic groups than you meet in the local shopping mall. Living with diverse cultures and religions gives a lot of exposure and a lot of opportunity to explore the whole subject of humanity. All us genuine humans on genuine quests need to share our knowledge database so we can answer, or approach questions that are common to us all.

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That is a good question because in my last book I was commissioned by no lesser entity than God to re-brand his image and then sell it to people. I also got some good inside knowledge by return, all of which I am obliged to share as part of teh experience.

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