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I would like to learn a form of meditation that practices focusing on the here and now (as Peter Russell teaches) But I dont know what that type is called and so cant look it up. I would like to YOUTUBE it so I can be guided through it. could you tell me what this is called. THank You. Pete T

Hello Pete,

Thank You for writing to me....

Good to know you are trying to be in the now. But the point i would like to make is instead of trying, just be in the now do not try, let it happen, allow it to happen. Yes some raagas,meditation techniques and music can help you do that too. But infact it is a state of mind which you need to be into. For which you need an understanding as to what can you do in a particular situation or while you do any activity in your rountine. Its a self realization that you are doing it, its observing and knowing that you are in this situation (in short being aware and conscious about your own acts and thoughts). hence what you need actually is to be more aware and conscious. For a simple technique of watching your breath also helps you to be in the now.It can start from deep breathing...just watch your breath in (as the air goes deeper inside you and breath out, as the air comes out.

All meditations serve this basic objective of being aware and conscious, thus being in present, in the now.

I would recommend you do the following meditations which might help you and which are easy to practice at home...

Osho Mandala Meditation ( available on youtube)
Fire Meditation

I hope these help you to be what you want to be or how you want to be.

Prem Amit

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I am a meditation facilitator in India. Have been certified meditation facilitator from Pune, India. Have done good amount of research and reading into spiritual practices and meditation techniques from Zen, Sufism and more. This is still a continuous process of evolving. See this forum as an opportunity for self growth and also some assistance to seekers of truth or like minded people. Practicing yoga and meditation is the most part of my life in my path of self growth as a spiritual person or a healer or a facilitator.

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