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i'm a 30 year old male who grew up in a Christian home. I attended church every sunday, albeit unwillingly. when I went away to college I began to really question the words of the bible and the existence of God to this day. I still don't know where I stand faithwise
what I do know for sure now is that, I do believe in God, or some higher being. however, I don't believe in the God that the judeochristian bible portrays.(omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent and so on.)
now every now and then I believe that this God does intervene in our lives every now and then.
now here are my questions?
1-who/what do I pray to? because I still feel the need at times to pray.
2-do you know of any resource(s) to help guide me towards getting a clearer view of who God is?
3-any resources on the beginning of religion and its purpose?

Thank you very much


Dear Joe

First, I want to apologize for not getting your excellent question in my email. I recently changed my email address. I try to answer all questions the same day they arrive to me.

I went through a similar process of always believing in God-Reality-Infinity-Absolutes; but by age 12 I knew that much in the Christian Bible could not be true.  Especially bad were the Old Testament barbarisms done by humans falsely attributed to God who has all-perfect volition (will) and who is Absolute - never changing.

At age 36 years, I was given to realize profoundly that the pure Essence - the will of God - our final spirit perfection - our loving Transformer - much more --lives within you, me and all normal, somewhat moral desiring humans !  That personal experience led me to seek God and who and what he is. I studied many important Bibles, religious and spiritual books for about 4-6 hours per day, which my occupation duties allowed.

The next year, May 24,1977, at an advanced Christian study group and in a closing prayer circle, I am suddenly, unexpectedly, down-grasped in my spirit-led soul by the Spirit of Truth of God and Jesus Christ in One overwhelming love ... Holy Light (Spiritual Luminosity) and instantly given a trial visit into God the Universal Father-Infinite I AM on eternal Paradise ... Returning back to this primitive, still barbaric earth was very difficult for about three days, but I knew that I am to remain here to do my small part to improve things. I burn to share with enthusiasm (En-Theos-iasm means to me and some others: "God within and within God"

That was and is my spiritual Birthday which is an eternity - always here and now event. Perfect spiritual peace, joy and assurance continues. Yes, human outward social problems continue, maybe a little worse as my focus now is more spiritual, doing truth sharing and less material. But the inner joy and perfect peace continues ! Our faith and peace and much more are all free gifts from God and Jesus Christ always flooding down upon all humans without favoritism.  God does love and mercifully serve all humans unconditionally. However, must humans in this brief first life experience seldom bother to seek and Realize these precious gifts.  That will happen to them later in some one of very many progressively higher heavens.  

Now I will start to answer your good questions. Please do ask for more explanations at any time here.

1-who/what do I pray to? because I still feel the need at times to pray.

No problem ! God has never been revealed by mere name or number, but is best discerned in the beautiful Life and Teachings of our Universe Creator Jesus Christ. See John 1:1-18, and Hebrews Chapter 1. And see Jesus three most frequently stated parables on God's love and mercy in Luke ch 15.  John is the best of the four gospels, Matthew is the most distorted in some parts.  All spirit Power and Presence is of God ! To humans, all spirit influences are as One in human experience !  So you could pray to God, Our Father, Mother, Spirit, Jesus, Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, First Source and Eternal Center, Wonderful Counselor, (see Isa 9:6 on Jesus)  Primal Creator, Eternal God above, around and within and ANY OTHER of thousands of sincere attempted partial descriptions of our One Father-Infinite I AM in Jesus eternally and within us and all as One in Spirit.  It is good to take 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening to find a quiet place and pray, reflect, and commune with/within God. 20-20 spirit vision will eventually result.  It will help much to stabilize and further unify our God-given "I am of I AM Personality Presence". You feel the need to pray because God has already found you and has come into you as you now are to lovingly make us as HE IS -- all perfect in your ever-increasing domains of operation as the divinely beloved human son of God in Jesus Christ that You Now ARE !

2-do you know of any resource(s) to help guide me towards getting a clearer view of who God is?

Here is the most unique, most valuable, comprehensive 2097 page Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth given to this needy planet around A.D. 1935 by about 55 different superhuman agents of God the Universal Father and our Universe Creator Son of God Jesus and his Holy Creative Spirit Partner. It is fully free of copyright and may be wisely shared as you wish. It is collage graduate plus level in many places, use a good dictionary as you progress with it.  Please sample any of the 196 Papers and sections therein that are of your interest or expertise. Many Christians start with the last Part IV on the greatly revealed and expanded Life and Teachings of Jesus.  Powerful, beautiful, moving, supernal, transforming, more !

Here is the source and full, long list of the Contents:


3-any resources on the beginning of religion and its purpose?

http://www.urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/contents-book  see these Papers:

Paper    Title          
085. The Origins of Worship      (Starts on page 944 of the original one-column English publication)
086. Early Evolution of Religion  
087. The Ghost Cults
088. Fetishes, Charms, and Magic
089. Sin, Sacrifice, and Atonement
090. Shamanism Medicine Men and Priests
091. The Evolution of Prayer
092. The Later Evolution of Religion
093. Machiventa Melchizedek
094. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Orient
095. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levant
096. Yahweh God of the Hebrews
097. Evolution of the God Concept among the Hebrews
098. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occident
099. The Social Problems of Religion
100. Religion in Human Experience
101. The Real Nature of Religion
102. The Foundations of Religious Faith
103. The Reality of Religious Experience   (ends on page 1142)

There are many others throughout this book. You may word or phrase search on that large website to find them.

I hope and pray that some of this is helpful to you and to others reading this.

Peace and progress,

Your Brother Dave (not clergy, trans-ecclesiastical, trans-denominational, a personal religionist)  

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