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Hi Denis!
Firstly, just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read and respond to my question, what you're doing is great :)

I'm a Graphic Design student, and for my next project I'm focusing broadly on reincarnation. I just wanted to know if perhaps you could tell me some information on the concept from your perspective.
Do you believe in it? And for the sake of this question, if we say it was true, how do you think it happens and do you think we have pathways to our old lives?

Do you think we are bound to other people and we are all linked in a karmic way? If so, how?

Do you have any personal experiences with it, or stories?

How would you describe the feeling you get when you think about the whole concept?

Thanks so much, I know asking questions like this can sometimes be hard because it's a subjective question, but those are the best kinds haha! I appreciate this may be slightly personal too, but it would really help me but if you're uncomfortable answering any questions then please don't feel like you need to :)
Thanks so much!
I really look forward to your reply :)
Aaran :)

Hi Aaran,

Just got your mail and thought I'd answer straight away because I don't believe in reincarnation. For some of the Eastern and philosophical religions, reincarnation and karma are central, but I believe that may be because they are more focused on people than on Deities. In mono and multi theistic religions, the focus is also on reincarnation but in a different, after death existence. They all play on the same theme. That's probably because in early communities everywhere, there was a very high level of conservatism required because people depended on it for life itself. I think that's where we get a lot of the dogma that religions promote. It's easier to deal with a community that believes in the same things, follows the same rituals, behaves the same way and it helps to instil basic law. For reincarnation or life after death to be successful, people had to live good lives. Therefore they tended not to murder other, not too much. Other religions have other ways of promoting moral standards across the community through commandments, edicts or even taboos.

Definitely we are all linked in a karmic way, despite the fact that I don't believe in reincarnation. You treat people well and they'll treat you well in return. What goes around comes around. That said, we do grow very close to some people and we also share elements of a shared genetic memory, especially with family. I think this is something to bear in mind when people say they can remember experiences from a previous existence. You also hear stories about twins knowing when the other twin is in trouble but I believe you don't have to be a twin. I've experienced knowing when a family member is in trouble even though I was more than three thousand miles away. I don't think it happens too often but in extreme cases it certainly does. We know when someone close to us is in trouble because we do communicate on other levels like empathy. We can communicate as easily by what we don't say and by extension, through feelings and in lots more ways than just words. We tend to underestimate our capabilities as humans. Weird but very true.

Mmmmm. A story is not the same as a question, so I'll choose not to go there, but I will say that although reincarnation and karma per se might appear illogical, belief in them serves a purpose as already alluded to and even belief itself is very powerful. People do communicate almost telepathically (but very simply) because they are very close though I'm not sure I can explain how that works without it looking like I'm trying to sell something, which I'm not. Lets just say that in a very physical world, the theory of biocentrism as a means of explaining the reason for life, is gaining ground. I only mention that because I thinks it's critical not to be limited by what is considered normal. As a species we must look outside the box sometimes and sometimes you get some really wonderful insights to how everything really works.

Last part, how do I feel when I think about reincarnation and karma - nothing because I don't believe in them in the context you are asking. However, I feel really small when I contemplate the vastness of reality and compare it against what most people call physical reality. Sounds weird right? Let me get you started by proposing that not everything that you see is everything. There are other levels of reality which are just as real. You can't see altruism but it exists and the results of it exists. You can't see hate but it can also have a physical effects. Now, contemplate infinity by understanding that everything is inside it, because it's infinite everything would have to be inside it. Then contemplate physical things which must also be inside infinity. The pull back from physical things until they shrink with distance and ultimately almost disappear but the infinity that contains physical is still the same size.

Being very conscious of the fact that we all learn from each other and without any intention of assuming to be superior or condescending, I would suggest you keep an open mind but also keep a logical mind. True spirituality is an appreciation of the size of ones real "Self' in the real scheme of things and not being ashamed of being humbled by it when you see it, but it's also claiming a destiny within it, as a right, because you were able to see it.

Good luck  

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Any question that is challenging to logic, life experience and insight. No magic and no mysticism. Genuine questions deserve genuine answers otherwise, no one will come back to ask a second question. The basic premise is that this subject attracts genuine seekers. Time wasters tend to focus on more superficial /materialistic subjects. I look forward to offering insights to the kind of people who are not to be fobbed off. I am not afraid to be educated either because out there is someone who can be amazed but who can also amaze.


I have written book on the subject and in doing so did quite a lot of research. Additionally, the kind of focus needed to produce a work of quality has produced no small measure of insight or even revelation if you will. Not mystical stuff but the result of hard work and total focus covering as many aspects as is humanly possible. As stated, if I don't know I am more than willing, even compelled, to engage the questioner so we can both get teh answer together, elsewhere. Bottom line ... we will get to the nub of the problem.

MMmmm. Humanity mainly. Just one human race because there is no other. This is a trick question because to answer questions on my chosen subject would not be helped by belonging to specific groups with specific thought sand behavioral patterns. I am married so I know about kids and wives. I was divorced so I know about conflict and eventually, compromise. I was happy so I can engage. I was sad so I can also sympathize. I am curious so I understand why people ask questions. I am spiritual so I know what drives people to look for improvements to themselves through the application of wisdom.

I have written quite a bit on aviation training but I only mention this so you will know that I have trained in explaining things. No point in knowing something if you can't put it over ... right? I might also put myself down for explaining aviation but as I said, aviation people tend to be multi-ethnic, knowledgeable and very tolerant of others because we were also difficult people to get along with. People who have their heads in the clouds tend to be thinkers and reflectors and that should make us a good source of accumulated knowledge. look at http://www.denismcclean.com for a start.

Basically an aviation expert but bear with me. Aviation tends to bring people to the ends of the Earth and into contact with lots more ethnic groups than you meet in the local shopping mall. Living with diverse cultures and religions gives a lot of exposure and a lot of opportunity to explore the whole subject of humanity. All us genuine humans on genuine quests need to share our knowledge database so we can answer, or approach questions that are common to us all.

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