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Hi Elsabe!
Firstly, just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read and respond to my question, what you're doing is great :)

I'm a Graphic Design student, and for my next project I'm focusing broadly on reincarnation. I just wanted to know if perhaps you could tell me some information on the concept from your perspective.
Do you believe in it? And for the sake of this question, if we say it was true, how do you think it happens and do you think we have pathways to our old lives?

Do you think we are bound to other people and we are all linked in a karmic way? If so, how?

Do you have any personal experiences with it, or stories?

How would you describe the feeling you get when you think about the whole concept?

Thanks so much, I know asking questions like this can sometimes be hard because it's a subjective question, but those are the best kinds haha! I appreciate this may be slightly personal too, but it would really help me but if you're uncomfortable answering any questions then please don't feel like you need to :)
Thanks so much!
I really look forward to your reply :)
Aaran :)

Hi Aaran

My apologies for the delayed reply - I have only just noticed your question.

Below is a copy of an article I published a few years ago on the topic.  If you have questions that the article does not answer, please feel free to ask them.

"What Is Reincarnation

Imagine one massive drop of water, as big as the earth, falling from a great height.  What will happen when it hits a flat surface?

Yes, the massive drop of water will split into tiny droplets – myriads of them.  That is similar to what happened when we got separated from God.  We became humanity, and there are a few billion of us on this planet.  

Imagine that each one of us also broke into pieces at the beginning of time.  Each one of us strive to become whole again, and then to become part of God again.  How do we do that?

Imagine each of those tiny droplets that form you, wanting to unite with the other droplets again, and then wanting to re-unite with the other individuals that are part of the gigantic drop that is God.  It would be like watching a reversed film of the droplets becoming a gigantic drop again.

This process of becoming whole again can happen in one lifetime, or it can happen over many lifetimes.  That is re-incarnation.

Each lifetime that we spend on this earth is part of eternity.  Each lifetime brings us closer to being whole as individuals again, and that is why we return to this earth.

The bodies, people and circumstances we choose each time we return to the earth depend on what we need to learn here.  Do we need to return as males or females?  With other people from previous lives whom we have unfinished business with?  Or with different people?  

Have you ever noticed that some people tend to have close bonds that are not affected by time of circumstances?  Like lovers or twins that separate and meet again years later?  Mother and daughter that are very close?  Friends that live in different countries, but always remain in contact?

Could it be that such people have become whole to the extent that they are there to support one another on this part of the eternal journey?

The opposite is also true – that people experience intense destructive emotions about each other, but for some reason they cannot separate.  We all know about the wife that in her mind has a very good reason for staying with a cheating or violent husband.  The same holds for e.g. incestuous relationships and for abused and neglected children.

None of these happen by chance or by accident.  It is all part of a Plan that spans centuries, and of a movement towards integrating first with our selves, and then with one another.

Eternity does not know time.  We created time so that we can better understand the Plan.

Eternity also does not know form.  We use bodies because we are not spiritually whole enough yet to leave those bodies behind.

We keep re-incarnating until we can, as in the example of the droplets, be re-integrated again.

Then, like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi and others like them, we return to this earth again, so that we can light the path for our brothers and sisters.  Our aim is to re-integrate all souls, so that we can become One with God again.

That is what re-incarnation is about.

That is why we sometimes “recognize” complete strangers and experience déjà vu (the strong, sure feeling that you have been in a particular place or situation before, even though your logical mind says it is impossible).

That is also why we sometimes have shocking daydreams about the people we love most, and why we often have such difficulty breaking away from the people that hurt us most.

Once we understand that we are part of eternity, it often becomes easier to understand the most joyful and most hurtful parts of our lives.  Then we get closer to being like those perfect single drops of water that reflect the beauty of nature, or even to being like the collection of perfect drops that form a rainbow."

Love and Light

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