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Does God already decided how we will die and when? Are our death already determine by God and those no need to worry about these issues?
What exactly happens once we die? Do we get judge and then sent to heaven or hell?
Thank you

Dear Truth-seeker Calvin,

You ask important questions about God and our personal salvation that many others also ask.

Jesus Christ came down from God the Universal Father on Paradise to live here on Earth as Son of Man (7 B.C. - A.D. 30) as well as being eternally a Creator Son of God.  Jesus teaches us that in truth there really is no death !  Many humans who are just seeing themselves as living physically would question that; as it is clear that all humans do physically die at about age 78 on average. But, in Spirit and in Truth there is no death as Jesus states !  You and I and all normal, somewhat moral humans are also living souls who are elevated by God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit at physical death up into the next series of higher soul-reality mansion-world Heavens for our continued rehabilitation !  See and believe in the Bible John 12:31-32.  Jesus states: "Now is the (loving and merciful) judgment of this world. Now shall the (former, evil, defaulting) Prince of this world be cast out; and I, when (ascended back to God) lifted up, will draw all humans unto me."

There is no barbaric hell, no torture of any human. Those are all false concepts of God by primitive, less-spiritual humans from the old "Dark Ages". Read in Luke chapter 15: Jesus' beautiful and true Parables of "The Lost Sheep", "The Lost Coin" and (best of all and last) "The Lost (Prodigal) Son"

God is not selfish and He does not determine all things out here in the evolving-perfecting space-time universes. Our loving and merciful Father God wants you and I and all humans to use their God-given, unique, freewill personality to freely decide, reflect and do whatever they so choose.  That is why there is much error, evil and sin in this world as humans all start out here from zero awareness and zero experience until birth as a helpless, crying baby.  God requires continual progress toward perfection; so the soul reality you that you now are is closer to God than you as just a physical body-brain. The pure Spirit Essence of God now indwells you to guide, teach and transform you !

Now, after a long series of living in progressively higher Heavens in your higher soul form, if you absolutely demand to not continue -- you don't want this glorious perfect Destiny in and with God our loving and merciful Father -- then you will be taken into Divine Judgment and be instantly, painlessly exterminated forever !  There is no foolish "burning in hell". That extermination of personality is called the second or final death in the Bible. "To Be or to be not" is between God and you. Choose Light and Life Eternal as the son of God that you now are !

Here are a few Bible verses on this. E-mail me if you want more sent to you. You or others here may also freely ask more questions.

163. I JESUS AM COME that ALL might have LIFE, and that they might have LIFE

156.(Disciples) Who then can be saved? (JESUS) With men, this is impossible,
but WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Mat 19:25,26 Mark 10:26,27

131...an ENTRANCE shall be ministered unto YOU ABUNDANTLY INTO the EVERLASTING
KINGDOM (FAMILY) of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. II Peter 1:11


207. SEE !, what manner of LOVE The FATHER has bestowed upon US, that WE
should be called the SONS OF GOD !! Beloved, NOW WE ARE THE SONS OF
GOD ! I John 3:1,2

Peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Eternal Truth !

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