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Hi Brother Dave
Actually I do like Christian and have Christian friends but probably because in the States I see so much group calling themselves and hating people base on their skin color just turns me off.

You mention that there is no hell. What about the Bible mentioining the Lake of fire? Does this mean that Non christian will go to heaven also?


Hi Calvin,

In the USA, there are many churches with members of all races accepted into their spiritual and social fellowship. I have visited many of them.  If in your area you have only seen some churches with all attending having the same race, look in the phone book of that city, phone all the churches, and ask them if different races are now attending or not.

Also, most humans are already of mixed races; and that is good genetics. Hybrids are usually superior to one race too much in-bred. Jesus Christ has stated that he is making of one blood (one race) all the nations of mankind on earth. This is now happening at a faster pace. Also Jesus has stated that, in the Kingdom of Heaven, (the Family of God) there are no Jews and no Gentiles; all are equally divinely beloved sons and daughters of God !

There is no actual hell, no lake of Fire. Those dark ages beliefs from the fiction book "Dante's Inferno" are now properly rejected by most Christians in the USA and in Europe. They usually say that "hell" is just a state of feeling separated from God. But God's Spirit indwells all humans; as he is always omnipresent and sees and knows all !

Our good Master Jesus Christ has promised all humans (see John 12:32) that he will draw all humans up to himself in a higher Heaven !  Then each human will be given a long time to learn of the true God and his wonderful plans for you, me and all humans. The vast majority of humans will certainly accept God and his plans; but if some resurrected human up in that higher Heaven were to absolutely, finally and eternally reject God and this ascension plan, then God would instantly and painlessly extinguish that human forever. That is what that human demanded ! Our loving Father  God of freewill has given all humans freewill to freely choose, or to reject, God and his plan.

Jesus has wisely commanded all humans to "Love your enemies."  Because they all will likely be with you and me up in the higher Heavens of rehabilitative adjustments to grow to learn, like and then love all beings ! Read now in Luke chapter 15 Jesus' three wonderful, powerful Parables of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost (Prodigal) Son.

Peace and progress in Spirit and in Truth,

Brother Dave  

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