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Ok so I didn't quite know where to ask this so here I am. What I want to know is the question of is astral projection possible? Can I actually go out of my body? If so what are the dangers and how can I do it? Or is it not recommended? Please reply . I would love to know about this topic. Thank you for your time.

Hi James.

Let me do my best to answer this questions as accurately and as honestly as I can. You're right to be concerned, because if you 'Google' the subject 'Dangers of Astral Projection' your going to get too much information and most of it is absolute hog wash. In the world of real spirituality, as opposed to the hocus pocus of spirit divination etc, we'll need to logically understand what astral projection really is.

Astral Projection is a catchy name for an Out of Body Experience (OBE). An OBE can also be a drug induced state. I'm not qualified to talk about drugs, except to advise you to steer well clear of using drugs for this purpose. If you have questions about drugs or the affects of drugs I will do my best to find an email address of a qualified professional close to you, if that is what you need.

There is also Self Hypnosis which many have claimed as beneficial though personally, I'd make sure there was a qualified supervisor to make sure that subjects went under and then came out again on schedule, and in good order etc.

Now we can proceed. Spirituality is a broad subject and some people do claim to engage in Astral Travel on an Astral Plane that has various depths, the deepest one being death. Personally, I don't believe it and I have tried it years ago and for many years but that's not to say that what people have called Astral travel, might not be something else.

Our brains produce our mind and our mind is guided by so many biological processes that each one is pretty much unique. Added to that we have our Spiritual Natures or our Lack or Denial of a Spiritual Nature. Each of these in turn makes us even more unique and also more or less capable of discerning such things as 'Aura' or other quasi spiritual manifestations. There are things that can only be seen with total focus but they are not magic. They have properties, even if they are not all physical.

If you relax, to engage in mediation and you find any aspect of it threatening, then you must interpret that as biological warning signal that all is not well, and you must then pull back and think about what happened while fully conscious. Stress can be very easily result from the body paralyzing itself during sleep or lucid dreaming, which is a perfectly normally induced state to prevent us from violently thrashing about and damaging ourselves when dreaming. Unfortunately, we can sometimes half-wake and find we can't move, which can be alarming, but it passes as we complete the process and become fully awake, which instructs our bodies to stop producing the particular pheromone that was protecting us by keeping us still.

The fact is, there are so many exotically termed processes applied to Astral Travel, that are really normal biological or physiological functions or misquotes. So much so that we really need to question where they came from.  The 'silver chord' is regularly used to describe a tether between this world and the Spiritual world but it was apparently taken from the Biblical New Testament.

All that said, there are endless documented benefits from many different forms of meditation and I can attest to practices like Zen. There is also the fact of just quietly meditating on life and looking for solutions to problems and tapping into other similarly well documented aspects of spiritual healing and awareness. Most of these have been tailored by religions and are now used in prayer rituals, which is another way of expressing hope for an improvement to our lives or to those of our friends. So it's not all about closing our eyes and then engaging on Astral Travel which suggests a journey to the stars and possibly points to some origins in the psychedelic movement.

You asked me a sincere question and I'm guessing you expected me to describe my personal experience of Astral Travel but are now disappointed to read that I don't have any, as such. That's not true because I have experience of revelation. Sounds almost heretical doesn't it? let me explain. Being spiritual is like being gullible because we are open to so much misinformation going around that can't verified, except by personal experience and that means we have to try all the horse manure to find the small pieces of it that might be true. So let me save you a lot of time.

What they call the Astral Plane is the ability of the mind (Not the Soul) to venture out and think very clearly, sometimes devoid of all attachment. It is very real and very powerful and also very practical because you can discover aspects to yourself that you thought you never had, and then apply them to your life. You can plan ahead with amazing clarity and then act, apparently on impulse but only because you've already played out the pros and the cons. There is 'Something' that drives everything because other wise life itself is pointless and it would make no difference whether we help that old lady to cross the street or take advantage of her by taking the change from her handbag, and I think we are worth so much more than that. Don't you? That means we have a purpose, even it's only to help someone else though once again, I think you'll find your own answers to that question.

I'm also not going to sell you any brand of Something because I believe you also have too figure that out for yourself but I suggest you do dedicate some time to it, and then come up with your own logical answers. I think true spirituality is getting in touch with that 'Something' and then using the Astral Plane of that communication to improve your life in every way. It's so empowering to know for a fact that you are so much more than you believed and can therefore do so much more that you thought you could. Practical Spirituality for practical living using mediation and using the real Astral Plane, which is a journey inside your mind and inside reality but inside all of reality, and not just the physical aspects of it that you can touch with your fingers.

If there is an aspect of your mind that you are afraid of, then conquer it, because it's a part of you. If there is an aspect of reality that your afraid of then figure it out and then conquer it through knowledge. If there is anything that scares you, conquer it by thinking about it's weaknesses and find your control over it. You are the master of your universe and there is nothing inside it that should scare you.

I hope you can get something out of this short reply and I wish you every success in your life by using all of what you are.  

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Any question that is challenging to logic, life experience and insight. No magic and no mysticism. Genuine questions deserve genuine answers otherwise, no one will come back to ask a second question. The basic premise is that this subject attracts genuine seekers. Time wasters tend to focus on more superficial /materialistic subjects. I look forward to offering insights to the kind of people who are not to be fobbed off. I am not afraid to be educated either because out there is someone who can be amazed but who can also amaze.


I have written book on the subject and in doing so did quite a lot of research. Additionally, the kind of focus needed to produce a work of quality has produced no small measure of insight or even revelation if you will. Not mystical stuff but the result of hard work and total focus covering as many aspects as is humanly possible. As stated, if I don't know I am more than willing, even compelled, to engage the questioner so we can both get teh answer together, elsewhere. Bottom line ... we will get to the nub of the problem.

MMmmm. Humanity mainly. Just one human race because there is no other. This is a trick question because to answer questions on my chosen subject would not be helped by belonging to specific groups with specific thought sand behavioral patterns. I am married so I know about kids and wives. I was divorced so I know about conflict and eventually, compromise. I was happy so I can engage. I was sad so I can also sympathize. I am curious so I understand why people ask questions. I am spiritual so I know what drives people to look for improvements to themselves through the application of wisdom.

I have written quite a bit on aviation training but I only mention this so you will know that I have trained in explaining things. No point in knowing something if you can't put it over ... right? I might also put myself down for explaining aviation but as I said, aviation people tend to be multi-ethnic, knowledgeable and very tolerant of others because we were also difficult people to get along with. People who have their heads in the clouds tend to be thinkers and reflectors and that should make us a good source of accumulated knowledge. look at http://www.denismcclean.com for a start.

Basically an aviation expert but bear with me. Aviation tends to bring people to the ends of the Earth and into contact with lots more ethnic groups than you meet in the local shopping mall. Living with diverse cultures and religions gives a lot of exposure and a lot of opportunity to explore the whole subject of humanity. All us genuine humans on genuine quests need to share our knowledge database so we can answer, or approach questions that are common to us all.

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