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I came across this quote of Arthur Schopenhauer:
“A man finds himself, to his great astonishment, suddenly existing, after thousands and thousands of years of non-existence: he lives for a little while; and then, again, comes an equally long period when he must exist no more. The heart rebels against this, and feels that it cannot be true.”
And I think my heart rebels against this too.
I often wonder about where was I before I was born? However I don't think much care about what shall happen when I am dead. Why do we all exist?

Why do all religions talk much about only men but not animals? Why when a man dies we consider it a tragedy and when a worm is crushed beneath our feet we just ignore it?
There are too many people saying too many things and I don't find peace in their stories and beliefs.
Is there just one answer?


We are Beautiful as We Are
We are Beautiful as We  
Dear Utkarsh,

Yes, there is just one answer, and the more you awaken
to the truth of who and what you are, the more you will
discover it.

Below is a summary of what awakening is, from my new book,

The book is only in PDF at the stage, but if you would like a free
copy, email me at jdreaver@aol.com

Love and blessings,


The Gift of Awakening

  Awakening to love and freedom is the greatest gift we will ever give ourselves. Every person who has awakened—and there are more and more of us, young and old, throughout the world waking up every day—knows this.
  The most important step in making awakening real in our own lives is to understand what it is. We get it at an intellectual level first, then our lives become about embodying it.
  So, what is awakening? Simply put, it is to know ourselves as the ever-present, loving awareness in which everything—thoughts, “stories,” the “I” thought, the ego “self,” and all our emotional reactions—comes and goes, appears and disappears.
  When we’re awake and free our mind is clear, our heart is open, and we are alert, aware, and relaxed in this moment. Moreover, we realize that no matter what the clock says, no matter what time pressures we may be under, the time is always now.
  Our sense of aliveness, meaning, and connection comes from being awake and present now. We discover that true abundance, and the deepest riches and blessings, are right here, now. We feel, literally, one with all life, all creation, and this is the ground of love.
  Awakening is the true healing, because it frees us from all suffering, from taking things personally. We, as conscious awareness, know that who and what we are is way bigger than anything could ever happen to us—even the most challenging crisis we could imagine.
  It frees us from self-doubt and self-esteem issues—from “self” concern, period—and allows us to be more present, caring, and compassionate. We become a healing and inspiring influence to others in our world. When we come from love, we realize, everything is healed.
  With awakening we calmly address the conflicts and problems we face in life. Yes, we may have a normal human reaction to something particularly intense—“Oh damn!”—but we pretty quickly come back to equanimity, to viewing our situation with clarity. As a result, we have a new and happier “story” to share with others.
  What is the key to awakening? How do we wake up? In this book I explore three teachings which I have found to be the most effective at helping us awaken. I call them the “awakening teachings.”
  The first teaching is the awakening practice, a body-centered way of coming back to the present moment whenever we notice ourselves getting lost in or distracted by thoughts or “stories,” or an emotional reaction. It is the power of learning to experience this moment now without any thought or story all, which allows us to see everything anew—to get a fresh and clear perspective on our situation.
  The second teaching is loving our past, or learning to welcome, to open our hearts to our own negative emotional reactions which we normally resist—our upsets, conflicts, and suffering.
  After all, one of the main barriers between us and being awake and free in the present is our unhealed past—the grudges, resentments, blaming, mistrust of others, etc. that we still hold onto.
  I address the healing of our past in depth in Chapter Four, but know this right now—the past is ultimately healed by realizing it doesn’t exist, except in our imagination. It was real when it happened, but it is not real now. Only this moment now is real now.
  The third teaching I call asking the big question, which is going deeply within and asking ourselves “Who is this ‘I’ that tells the stories?” With this question, we confront the “I” head-on, so to speak, exposing its true nature—that “it,” like the “past” itself, doesn’t exist either, except as a deeply-rooted, cellular memory we identify with. I will say more about each of the teachings shortly.   
  These three teachings are the fastest, most direct way to genuine happiness that I know. They are the surest path to an awakening that is lived fully in the world of family, relationships, work, money, creativity, health, and social engagement.
  As we read through these pages and study and absorb their message, and are committed to making the awakening teachings real in our own lives, we will reap many benefits…  

Spiritual Awakening, Growth, and Enlightenment

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