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How to get out a dark night of the soul? How to get to enlightment away from the dark? How to get to self realization? Is this time for me to love myself and forgive others? How do I find someone who can assist me out the dark? How long does it last? I heard up too two years.  I believe I'm going through a transformation.

Hi Chloe

The dark night of the soul is not a pleasant place to be - it is like being in a corridor between two rooms, with both doors closed and no light switched on, and you have to find your way from one room to the next.

You are very fortunate in that you know you are in the corridor, and you know there is a way out.  Hence your questions.

How long does it take?  There is no time limit.  All I can say is that your awareness makes the time shorter.  

What is it about?  You are correct - it is about loving yourself as a creation of God - or whatever name you want to call the Creator of all.  It is also about forgiveness, but definitely not in the sense of turning the other cheek and being trampled on.  Forgiveness is about understanding why people do what they do, and how you can learn from your experiences.  Forgiveness is about getting to a point where you can thank people for teaching you wisdom by behaving towards you the way they do, and then moving on to more complex lessons in life.

This period of transformation will affect you physically, emotionally and mentally - and in all other areas of your life.  

Your physical body will over time feel lighter and less dense.  At times you will feel like you are floating, and like your whole body vibrates when e.g. a door slams near you.

Emotionally you will probably experience that issues and people which really upset you in the past become less able to press those anger/despair/sadness etc. buttons.  When you think and talk about those people and incidents, you will feel an immense calmness and a Love of humanity that you have never experienced before.  You will feel as if you are walking on a soft cloud, and you will feel that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

Mentally you will probably experience the most exciting change.  You are already familiar with bright ideas that come from nowhere into your mind, and that helps you resolve problems.  Those experiences will become more.  You will also be able to even more accurately gauge the emotional states of people whom you encounter, without them saying a word.  You will need to learn to ground yourself and protect yourself against their emotions.  The easiest way to do this is by regularly meditating - even 5 minutes a day will make a difference.

There is a lovely saying:  when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  You will discover that you attract like-minded people and that you learn from them.  Over time you become a teacher yourself, just by the way you live.

You will also find that there are people in your circle of friends and immediate family who don't understand the change in you.  Don't feel bad about leaving them behind for the moment.  They will eventually follow you.  Just continue to love them as you already do.

Have a look at my website www.ElsabeSmit.com.  You may get more information there that will help you on your journey.

Love and Light

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