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Hello Mr Weaver and thank you in advance for your time and help. I am 25 and struggling to find faith and overcome severe anxiety issues that I'm facing every day- it is upsetting my life and well-being. I can't stop worrying about the what ifs in life and mainly in worrying about my loved ones and if they will be okay, what could happen to them, etc...I'm just scared of life, basically. I avoid things that give me anxiety, related to such worries, and I know its keeping me from fully living. I am deeply upset about things out of my control because of my worrying too-even things most people would be happy about, I get very anxious and upset about, worrying what could go wrong...I don't know what to do. I attach fear to almost everything-I don't know if its because of bad things that have happened to my loved ones or myself, or if it's just me being negative or stressed out over daily stressful circumstances that aren't in my control (mainly acting as caregiver to my grandmother with severe dementia and how upsetting it can be)...but I am working really hard on having faith and developing a spiritual focus on living. It's just hard. I really want to fully believe and trust in God...I just don't know how to. What can I do? Thank you again for your time and help.

Jim Dreaver
Jim Dreaver  
Dear Autumn,

I appreciate your reaching out to me.

The essence of my teaching, which I call the freedom practice, is this: whenever you are feeling any kind of anxiety, upset, conflict, or suffering breathe deeply into your belly and become very present in this moment now.

Then ask yourself a simple question: "What's the story I'm telling myself here?"

There's always a "story," even though it may be unconscious, and you may have to dig deep to find it.

Examples of "stories" we tell ourselves are:

I feel anxious or nervous.
Im angry!
I dont feel he/she loves me.
How will I ever be able to make rent next month?
I just dont trust this person.
I dont feel safe when Im around him or her.
Gosh, I just dont know who or what to believe!
I dont know what I should do

When you've identified the "story," then notice or observe this truth - the "story," just like the emotional reaction, comes and goes, shifts and changes in your awareness, but you - as the awareness itself - are always here, always present.

The more you realize this - that you are the changeless awareness amidst the ever-changing thoughts, feelings, emotions, events, and circumstances of your life - the freer, happier, and more alive and fulfilled you are in the present.

It really is this simple, Autumn - freedom and happiness are the result of a fundamental shift in perception, the way you see, and not about a acquiring new "belief" or having different circumstances.

However, the beauty of becoming inwardly free is that you can then harness the power of the mind, of creative thought and intention, to attract the circumstances you want into your life.

This could be a healthier body, a more loving relationship, your ideal work situation, better finances, or something creative youve always want to do. When you are free, the sky is the limit!

Many blessings,

Jim Dreaver  

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