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I am interested in using Astral Projection as a tool to expand
Spiritually. Does such a method exist ? I am not sure how I would go about doing this ?

Dear Ed,

This is not my field.

I teach the freedom practice, which I write about in this excerpt from my new book:

Most of us have a story, a narrative, a conversation inside our heads that we believe—until we wake up to the truth within us—is who we are.
Our "story" is based upon perceived circumstances and produces either joy, happiness, and a sense of being in control when things are going well, or stress, anxiety, and the feeling of being a victim when they aren't.
Being “stuck” in or identified with our “story” results, in its more negative manifestation, in issues of self-doubt, self-esteem, and trust. It can cause reactions such as anger, fear, guilt, resentment, judgment, and an inability to forgive. Or envy, jealousy, shame, and blame. Invariably, others—especially those we are close to—are still able to push our buttons in some way.

Many blessings,


But there is a way to shift out of this pattern and experience an authentically deep sense of ease, harmony, and flow in your life. I call it the freedom practice and it is at once simple, liberating, and empowering. It brings you right back to here and now, and puts you, so to speak, in the driver’s seat of your life.  

Spiritual Awakening, Growth, and Enlightenment

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Jim Dreaver


I can answer any existential question - i.e. "Who am I?" "What am I here to do?" and "What is the meaning of life?"


I was on a spiritual journey for twenty years before awakening to my true nature. Am a regular teacher at Esalen Institute (www.esalen.org). Website www.jimdreaver.com

See www.endyourstory.com, the website of my most recent book, END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE.

Four years postgraduate/doctoral degree

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