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Hello Jim,

When I read your "Expertise" comments I immediately felt a need to write to you.  I am 59 now, but since as far as back as elementary school I have attracted people who are troubled asking my advice.  And for some reason at a very young age I had insight and empathy, that looking back I feel was beyond my years.  As I have gone through life I have encountered countless individuals who seem to be drawn to me for this reason.  A good example is the number of failed relationships I have been in with women who were "troubled" that I started out trying to help.  But I am not writing to ask about relationships.  Instead, I would like your opinion...do you believe some people are here on earth solely to help others?  For the longest time I have believed that different people come and go in our lives for a specific reason, either for me to help them, or them to help me in some way.  In your opinion is this why we are here?   

Thank you.

Dear Gary,

Yes, I believe that we were all put on this earth to help each other - or, as I write in my new book, below: "Once you’ve realized freedom, the only thing left to do is to find a way love and serve."

Am happy to give the the PDF as a gift - just email me at jdreaver at aol dot com.



New Book by Jim Dreaver

Jim’s new book, released as a PDF in June, 2015, is titled You are Beautiful as you Are: How the Freedom Practice Awakens your True Wisdom, Love, and Creative Power.

Peter Russell, author The Global Brain and From Science to God, said of it:

“Jim makes the essence of awakening so simple and clear. No esoteric teachings, no metaphysical language, no complex practices, just simple instructions that open you to the luminous truth of your own being.”

The book is centered on the freedom practice, the essence of which is realizing that everything in your mind—thoughts, beliefs, the “I” story, as well as your emotions and feelings—comes and goes, but you, as this aware being, are always present.

To help you come to this realization, there is a simple question you ask yourself whenever you experience conflict, stress, or suffering: “What’s the story I’m telling myself here?”

Asking this question every time you get triggered by something real or imagined helps you awaken to a deeper sense of freedom and well-being in the present. Then, if you want to really become as free as you possibly can, sooner or later the next obvious question will loom large in your awareness: “Just who is this ‘I’ telling the story?”

As you look deeply within yourself, however, you will realize that the “I” or “me,” the story-teller, is no more real than the “stories” it tells! The more clearly you see this, the more you rest in freedom no matter what the degree of conflict or chaos happening around you.

While there is no “perfect” freedom—we are still human, still have residues of old ego patterns—awakening is without doubt the most empowering experience we can have. You realize: “Wow, my thoughts, my story, my emotional reactions, even the ‘I’ thought, this ego ‘self’ I’ve been identifying with my whole life, comes and goes, but who I really am—this pure awareness or consciousness—is always present!”

As this sinks in, you feel an ever-deepening sense of oneness, meaning, and purpose in life. You’re in the flow, with your mind clear and your heart wide open. You begin to taste a happiness that doesn’t depend on anything outside yourself—it shines on its own.

Then, when you bring your attention to your life situation, whether to do your health, family, relationships, work, money, creativity, or something else, you use the power of thought and intention to create a new, positive, happy “story” that inspires everyone you touch.

There are 108 lessons in the book, each of them short and concise, that Jim has found important for realizing and embodying the freedom practice in daily life—for living and expressing the wisdom, love, and creative power that is your true nature.
Web: www.jimdreaver.com
Email: jdreaver@aol.com  

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