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I was brought up in the Baptist Church, but branched out into the spiritual world to discover who I am and who God is.  I had an interest in the paranormal world, but i  get labeled as some sooth sayer. No way in the world can I see or predict the future for anyone including myself. I am confused of I am Christian or Spiritual. I believe in God , but I also believe in more is out there. I pray, read my bible time to time, and don't attend church. A little confused here. Thanks.

Dear truth-seeker Choloe,

Peace be upon and within you !  You are doing well and progressing in Spirit and in Truth. Be patient with yourself as you become more Spirit-led in discerning that which is or has love, mercy, ministry, truth, beauty and goodness.  

Our planet Earth is now quivering on the very brink of a much greater spiritual enlightenment and true social progress worldwide.  Humans are now questioning what is real as never before. God is thus giving each and all humans greater spiritual awareness, hope, courage, faith, trust, assurance without limit.  All humans are equally blessed and perfectly ministered to by our unconditionally loving and lavishly merciful Father. (or Father and Mother as One Combined Spirit.)

In the highest sense, true religion and true spirituality are one and the same. Most humans try to separate them because of human errors in their practices and doctrines.

Yes, it does take much living faith and long experiences to grow in soul and mind wisdom and conviction in Truth that we do now live and progress in a universe that is both fatherly-motherly and friendly !  Despite the too negative humans on the usually too negative news, that is true !

A suggestion that might be helpful to you and all others.  When you read and reflect carefully on the verses in the Bible or any other books, have one or more colored highlighter pens to mark the words or phrases or sentences that are positive, loving, and "ring true" to you.  I am very eclectic (selective) and have highlighted only about 1-2% of the Old Testament and about 25% of the New (less old) Testament.  To me, I see the profound words and parables of Jesus Christ as the best teachings about the real nature of God and the progress and brotherhood of all mankind.  

Some decades earlier, my wife and I visited of 150 different Christian church denominations and smaller religious/spiritual groups.  We found some truth and good fellowship there, but now prefer to pray, worship and reflect in our home, with friends, and ideally, at all times and in all places - practicing the living Presence of God personally !

Here are a few positive verses from the Christian Bible: (In copying this, all words became capitalized for some unknown reason, but it is still readable and important)

         *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

Human Salvation Is A Totally Free Gift From Our Infinitely Loving And Lavishly Merciful Father God !

I Jesus Am Come That All Might Have Life, And That They Might Have Life More Abundantly ! John 10:10

(disciples:) Who Then Can Be Saved? (Jesus:) With Men, This Is Impossible,
But With God All Things Are Possible. Mat 19:25,26 Mark 10:26,27

...an Entrance Shall Be Ministered Unto You Abundantly Into The Everlasting
Kingdom (family) Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. Ii Peter 1:11

I (Jesus Christ) Will Draw All Men (all Humans) Onto Me ! John 12:32

See! What Manner Of Love The Father Has Bestowed Upon Us, That We Should Be
Called The Sons Of God ! Beloved, Now We Are The Sons Of God ! John 3:1,2

All Men (all Humans) Shall Be Called The Sons Of The Living God !
Rom 9:24-26, Hos 1:10, 2:23

In God, We Live, Move And Have Our Being; For We Are The Offspring Of God !
Acts 17:28

Also Read Jesus' Three Parables In Luke Chapter 15: The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Son.
The Prodigal (lost) Son Was Jesus' Favorite And Most Stated Parable Of God's Love Without Conditions !

         *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

If you want much more, on any religious or spiritual subject, please visit my large website

http://www.PureChristians.org  and you may email me  Dave@PureChristians.org

P.U.R.E. stands for Positive, Universal, Revealing, and Enthusiastic Christians  

Spiritual Awakening, Growth, and Enlightenment

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College graduate, post-graduate and independent Theology, philosophy and science studies thirty-five to fifty years to date. Bendix Field engineer working for NASA Satellite Tracking Station Test Equipment Calibration Laboratoy, Tananarive, Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) over six years during the Gemini and Apollo manned moon explorations. Then I was self-employed in my computer service company. Retired now eight years with time to answer questions. On a higher level, 1976 sudden soul-identity experience that stimulated me to a new avocation of total Truth-Reality-God seeking and finding. A.D. 1977-on, sudden Vision of God and Jesus Christ as One infinite Spirit Luminosity (sacred Light) Presence upon all humans worldwide and universe-wide. This is an eternity-destiny experience that continues to daily grow in augmenting and supernal realizations. I am blessed to be of help to many sincere seekers of a higher spiritual vision and growth in bearing and sharing the fruits of the Spirit of God.

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