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QUESTION: Please help. I have bee  trying to open my third eye without reading anything about it. Anyways the next day when i look at thr mirror i see my eyes black and huge. My face extremely scary. It also got blue strings flowing on it like elictricity. At first i thought this would be mirror gazing according to internet. But later on while i was sleeping my father came into my room.i sae his face in the same illusion thag freaked me out. Please help iv been 3 months without sleeping well. I dont sleep at night i feel undrt attention of other spirits that i see and all faces on images hanging on the wall are staring at me with those balck huge eyes.
Please help me stop this. Thank you <3

ANSWER: Dear Yousef,

Thank you for your trust in sending me your story and question.

First of all I am going to advice you to stop every exercise you are doing regarding opening 3e eye or anything else.

The Universe/God guides us perfectly towards these processes there is nothing we need to do for it, than to be in the present moment and to receive what comes our way.

Right now there seem to be a lot of images light and dark, coming your way. Like you already said so in your question, these are all illusions appearing to be very real. Therefore you can try to keep breathing in and out as deeply as you can while focusing on your heart, to keep it open and relaxed. Fear attracts fearful things. Love brings both fear and darkness to the light. Whenever you see something that frightens you, start to send it light and love. Even when you do not feel the love at that moment, pray to God for help and support and imagine a light stream coming from your heart going towards the object or image you see.

When you wish. I can close the 3rd eye a little bit (calm the energy in it), so you will not be haunted by images, and can go foreword on this path in a more natural evolving way.

Sending you love and light, to make your nights and your state of mind more calm already.

With Love,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Do you have any idea what thosr blue strings can be? They flow around the eyes and on the hair. Also on forehead. Also the eyes turn fully black snd perfect circles. They start growing until they cover the whole face. What can it mean?
other symptom is too much auras  which im im okay with.
The lad t thing is visual light. When im conscious or i suddenly awake while sleeping i see on the sealing blue stars turning around with emtpycircle in the middle. If i focus on it then close my eye i see a face in the empty space. And those stars transform into shapes. That doesn't scare me but keep me away from sleeping.

Sorry for many questions. Just wanted to know what's exactly happening. Also i listened to you and no more exercises and i believed in your light you sent amd support.

Thank you so much :)

Dear Yousef,

I am very happy I could be of help.

Regarding the things you see, blue strings, faces etc. I do not know exactly what they are. I do know that all is Love energy at the end.

Whenever you feel some energy is not right for you just send it Love from your heart and it will resolve in it. Remember that you are the master. Discriminate always if the energy visiting you is sending out Love or not. When not, give it Love as it can remember also what its origin/source is.

It is always a great help to myself too when confronted with a darker energy.

And when it feels like Love energy, try to receive this Love and give it back to the energy visiting you. It has come to celebrate this Love with you.

Nowadays the layer between the dimensions is getting thinner. When we are sensitive like you are, we can start to experience other dimensional beings visiting us. Which are "just" brothers and sisters too. Since we are mulitdimensional being ourselves.

With Love and blessings,


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