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Date of birth:26.6.1986
Birth time: 15:15pm

It's been 7 months I delivered a child. As far my life was going normal. But now a days I am not satisfied with my life. I need to know what is the purpose of my life? If God is there than why is he not listening to me.I pray a lot but still my life is just like a hell. I have a loving husband. But still is there which is always bothering me. Please help me to Solve My issue.

Hi Richa

You are asking a very good question.  This is especially because you now have a young life to take care of and guide.

Having a child is a complete turnaround to the life you were used to, and a total upset to your routine and everything you have believed in so far.

People have a very rosy image of how wonderful it is to be a parent, and what a privilege it is.  The reality is lack of sleep, no time for yourself, and in cases like yours, questioning the purpose of your life.

For what it is worth, I believe that you have a soul contract with this little child.  You entered into this contract before you were born, and the contract is now being fulfilled.

For the next few years, the purpose of your life is to raise a happy child and not to forget that you are still an individual.  How will you get through it?  By remembering that your life consists of different stages, and right now you are in the stage of nurturing your child and appreciating the husband you have.  

Once your child is at a more independent age, your focus will also change.  You will have more time for yourself and for developing your talents, and for having a different purpose for your life.

We do not have a single life purpose.  We have a purpose for every phase of our lives.  The famous people who talk about a life purpose and who sell books about it already know this, but there is no money in saying that not everyone has a majestic, well-published life purpose, or that this life purpose changes as we change.

Ensure that you eat nourishing food, and that you do get some time out once a week for a few hours where your husband can look after the baby and you do something that you really like.  This can be a hobby, or meeting with friends, or simply doing nothing and resting.  Always remember to take care of yourself and have these quiet times.  That is where you will discover that God is there, listening, and talking to you in His own way.

Not one of your prayers will go unheard or unnoticed.  You need to spend time not just praying, but simply listening.  That is how you will know that God is always with you.

Let me know how you are when you want to talk.

Love and Light

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