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Good day
what are the different ways to prove karma is how the universe operates?

if karma is how the universe works, why is it that the universe is structured in such a way that human beings suffer (pay retribution) or (enjoy prosperous / blessed periods) without understanding or having knowledge of past events as being cause of current. What i mean is that why does't the universe operate in a way in which cause and effect is evident between lifetimes so that the human can understand cause and effect and learn from his or her past actions.

why does the universe operate on the principle of karma? why must there be karma and why does nature work like this?


Dear Sam,

First of all thank you for your interesting question.

Which I am going to answer with all that I know right now.

Karma as I know it is cause and effect. We do something and this has its effect in the world around us.

As long as we act unconsciously we can create chaos or drama's. When we become conscious about the law of karma we can start to understand that our thoughts and emotions have a creative power. That what we think or feel or perhaps better put how we experience something will create the effect. We act upon what we think or feel.

The more we evolve the more we are able to look into our own past and future. Simply because we will get free from the limits of time and space. Meditation is one of the ways to enter this outside time and space zone. When we are able to look back into our past we will realize that what is happening now, has its cause in what happened earlier (our past). This past can have happened in this life time or another one.

Since we can not change our past, what we can change is the way we experience what is happening in the NOW. We can name it bad and feel heavy about it. Or we can see it as another challenge to face and to learn from and make it much lighter.

We all have the responsibility and ability to create the best lives we can.

By being in the NOW and connecting with all it has to bring to us. Which means sorrows, pains, happiness, love etc. We start to open ourselves up to receive whatever life is bringing us and we will be able to re-program our brains and system into the original blue print. Or to put it differently go back to the pure child we are.

This pure child is in alignment with the Universe. We will know when we have reached this point since our head, heart and hands will start to work in alignment. And we start to create as the Divine beings we are.

From this point on we will create in co-operation with the Universe. And expansion will be our path. Our life will be a tribute to the Divine being we are. And no longer a limited version, created by our acts out of the past.

Therefore it is very important to set ourselves free from this past. First of all by being here and now. Secondly by acknowledging it and last but certainly not least by forgiving and loving every part of it. What we mostly do is blaming ourselves or others for what happened and with that get stuck in this endless cycle of repetition.

We can learn and grow from everything that happens to us, which is actually happening for us. For us to wake up. Wake up from our dream, which tells us we are caught in this matrix of karmic reactions.

We are masters. Masters of the Universe. We can set ourselves FREE.

With Love,


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