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Good day
what are the different ways to prove karma is how the universe operates?

if karma is how the universe works, why is it that the universe is structured in such a way that human beings suffer (pay retribution) or (enjoy prosperous / blessed periods) without understanding or having knowledge of past events as being cause of current. What i mean is that why does't the universe operate in a way in which cause and effect is evident between lifetimes so that the human can understand cause and effect and learn from his or her past actions.

why does the universe operate on the principle of karma? why must there be karma and why does nature work like this?


Hi Sam,

Awakening or Enlightenment happens to few individuals like Eckhart Tolle or Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev without any self effort. For the remaining majority, it is essential to study the holy scriptures systematically and consistently for a length of time under the guidance of a personal teacher (guru). The essential ingredient for Spiritual Awakening is hidden in religious scriptures.

All religious scriptures - without any exceptions - reveal this essential ingredient. In other words it is NOT POSSIBLE to gain enlightenment WITHOUT studying the religious scriptures (except for the few rare individuals). It does not matter which religion, one chooses to follow. Since all religions show the path to enlightenment, follower of any religion will attain liberation, if he/she seriously attempts to reach this goal.

Each religion has its own method of teaching and guiding people to enlightenment. One is not superior or inferior to the other. For example, Christian and Islam do not talk about rebirth. For Hinduism and Buddhism, 'rebirth' is the cornerstone of their teachings. It is WRONG to debate which is the truth because BOTH the views lead to the truth (and enlightenment)

Karma is the offshoot of rebirth philosophy. It is not possible to prove that the world operates based on the principles of Karma. Rebirth and Karma are matter of beliefs. It is very similar to believing Jesus is the only son of God. It is not possible NOR required to prove these beliefs. It is a matter of choice. If someone wants to attain liberation then there is an option to choose any one set of beliefs.

Beliefs are the starting point. The ultimate knowledge is gained at the end. After gaining that knowledge (ie after enlightenment) one will know that ALL religious beliefs will lead to enlightenment.

Your second question is why the cause and effect is not obvious. If it is obvious to man, then there is no role for God. Only when a man get frustrated because he does not understand the relationship between cause and effect, he turns towards religion.

Everyone wants to enjoy life all the time. No one wants to suffer anytime. Such joyful living is possible ONLY by studying ANY religious scripture. Rebirth and Karma is one of the method of education. Once the study is completed, one is spiritually awakened. Then life becomes joyful. Hindu scriptures, guide people to enlightenment by teaching the Theory of Karma. Therefore, the purpose of Karma is Joyful Living.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you have more questions I will be very glad to answer. If your question is pertaining to Hinduism then you may post it in that category. Thanks for understanding.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  

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