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what are the different ways to prove karma is how the universe operates?

if karma is how the universe works, why is it that the universe is structured in such a way that human beings suffer (pay retribution) or (enjoy prosperous / blessed periods) without understanding or having knowledge of past events as being cause of current. What i mean is that why does't the universe operate in a way in which cause and effect is evident between lifetimes so that the human can understand cause and effect and learn from his or her past actions.

why does the universe operate on the principle of karma? why must there be karma and why does nature work like this?


Love Heals Everything
Love Heals Everything  
Dear Sam,

Yes, karma is the law of cause and effect - and it
just the way the universe is.

It is a mystery, and the more we accept the mystery,
the more our life flows harmoniously.

People suffer, on the other hand, because they have
not looked within - they are not awake to their true

The more awake we are, the more we understand everything,
including the surrender to what can't be understood...

Like why there should be karmic consequences!

The below is from my new book, in PDF only at this stage,

If you want a free copy, email me at jdreaver@aol.com

Love and blessings,

jim Dreaver

So what if we are walking home late at night, and suddenly someone appears out of the dark, moving toward us?

I heard this story, about a woman spiritual teacher named Annie, who really embodied her awakening. She was walking through a parking lot late at night when suddenly a man with a gun came out of the darkness, threw his arm around her neck, and snarled: “Give me all your money and jewels or I’ll kill you!”

“I wouldn’t do that, my dear,” Annie replied softly, as she smelled the fragrance of a nearby magnolia tree, and calmly considered that this might be her last moment on earth. “You’ll be creating terrible karma for yourself…”

Upon hearing this, the would-be robber fled!

The more awake and free we are—freer of any “story” about what we “think” may be going on—the more present, alert, and on guard we will be. Maybe we are not quite as free as Annie, but we will summon all our wits to deal with the situation, and whatever possible threat there may be in it.

On this, the direct path to awakening, we are learning to face not just fear, but every moment in this way.

Remember, the source of all fear is the ego, and its fear of “not being.” Fight with our ego, and it will win every time. We’ll continue to be afraid. Make friends with it, however, and it will fade happily into the background, allowing the clear awareness we are to prevail.
Then the liberation—and the love—we have been seeking will be ours.

When we are truly present, there is no ego, and no room for fear.  

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