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Hello. I was wondering if you could help me understand something that happened  to me in meditation. I had never meditated before but I read a book about it and decided to give it a try. About 10 minutes into it i stopped thinking and tasted feeling really good. This kept getting better and better until about 15 minutes into it was in absolute bliss.

The bliss only lasted a few minutes then I felt like I was falling and I was "back in my head" thinking again.

Do you know what this is/was?

Hi James,

You were blessed with a tasted of the bliss and freedom your true nature,
what you always are underneath this "person" you "think"/"believe" you are.

It is not often that this happens to people so quickly, so congratulations!

If you want solid guidance in recapturing that experience so that it becomes
your state 24/7, email me at jdreaver at aol dot com, and I will send you my
new book/PDF, below.

Many blessings,

Jim Dreaver

EASY AWAKENING: The Secret of Inner
Peace, True Freedom, and Unconditional Love

A new book/PDF by Jim Dreaver

“The awakening practice gives us an almost immediate taste of the freedom, love, and creative joy of our true nature. Do it every time we get lost in or distracted by a thought, “story,” or suffering, and I promise it will lead to our being fully awake and free, essentially 24/7.”   
         —The Introductory Pages

Awakening is the greatest gift we’ll ever give ourselves. Every person who has awakened—and there are more and more of us, young and old, throughout the world waking up every day—knows this.

Awakening is easy as we remember and eventually embody this truth: that everything comes and goes in our awareness—thoughts, beliefs, and “stories,” as well as feelings, emotions, events, and circumstances—yet we, as awareness, are always here.

Awakening is the true healing, because it frees us from all suffering, from taking things personally. We know that who and what we are is way bigger than anything could ever happen to us—even the most challenging crisis.

The book is centered on the awakening practice, three simple teachings: 1) Remembering, a way of coming back to the present whenever we notice ourselves getting lost in or distracted by thoughts or “stories,” or an emotional reaction.

2) Welcoming our reactions, or opening our hearts and embracing our own negative emotional triggers which we normally resist—our upsets, conflicts, and suffering.

3) Asking the big question, which is going deeply within and asking ourselves “Who is this ‘I’ that tells the stories?”  and realizing that it cannot actually be found.  

This is followed by 108 lessons, each of them no more than two pages. These lessons contain the finer points of how awakening expresses itself in family, relationships, health, work, money, creativity, and other situations in daily life.

“Jim makes the essence of awakening so simple and clear. No esoteric teachings, no metaphysical language, no complex practices, just simple instructions that open us to the luminous truth of our own being.”

      Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain and From Science to God  

Spiritual Awakening, Growth, and Enlightenment

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