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I am Kapha-Pitta prakruti.I am suffering from allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


1. Mucus secretion in nose(sometimes) and throat(daily).
2. Mucus congestion in throat,nose,chest.Tea/Coffee causes congestion to break and increase mucus secretion.

Mucus production increases after
1. Food (It depends on food quantity . More the food quantity more is the mucus)
2. Sleep
3. Cold Weather
4. Rest(The more I keep myself active less is the mucus production )

The mucus production is more if metabolism is low, brain activity is low,hunger is low.

I have taken ayurvedic medicine for 2.5 yrs and 70% mucus production was reduced.

Irritable bowel Syndrome

1. 2 - 7 bowel motions in a day.
2. Motions are semiloose.
3. Gas (More the motions less is the gas)
4. Low hunger (more the motions more is the hunger)  
5. Anal burning after motion
6. Tea/Coffee triggers bowel motion.

What foods should i eat and avoid. I am already taking homeopathic medicines so I am not looking for any medicine. I am looking for how can i keep my lifestyle so that I maintain good metabolic rate so mucus production is less but my weight is very less ( 52 Kgs ) so dont want to increase so much metabolism that my weight decreases further.

Dear Subodh

The problem and symptoms you are mentioning point towards the agnimandya you can understand it as low digestive power or defective metabolism which is favoring intrinsic toxins build up instead of making the healthy tissues.

As you are kapha pitta so your body is again very much favorable ground for both these problems.

now all anti kapha activities and life style you have to follow so your digestion could be corrected and you could gain health. one more thing you need to understand is as your basic body structure is like this so you have to continue healthy life style throughout your life as there wont be any short cuts or magic cures for this.

1. any thing cold or cold weather is not good for you.

2. try to drink as much warm water or herbal teas as you can.

3. any type of strong beverages like tea, coffee or alcohol wont be good.

4. fresh prepared light food is anti kapha. so try to have very light and digestive meals like khichadi, daliya , boiled vegetables and whole grain chapatis or brown rice.

5. curd or milk product is not a very good idea. you can have milk but boil it with 1 spoon of grated ginger.

6. salads are not good for you. instead have more boiled vegetables.

7. inactivity or sedentary life increases kapha so keep yourself active and peaceful.

8. over eating and salty or sweet food can increase symptoms. so avoid or use less both of these. keep your meal in small portions and dont drink water immediately after food.  


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