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I am Kapha-Pitta prakruti.I am suffering from allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


1. Mucus secretion in nose(sometimes) and throat(daily).
2. Mucus congestion in throat,nose,chest.

Mucus production increases after
1. Food
2. Sleep
3. Cold Weather
4. Rest(The more I keep myself active less is the mucus production )

The mucus production is more if metabolism is low, brain activity is low,hunger is low.

I have taken ayurvedic medicine for 2.5 yrs and 70% mucus production was reduced.

Irritable bowel Syndrome

1. 2 - 7 bowel motions in a day.
2. Motions are semiloose.
3. Gas (More the motions less is the gas)
4. Low hunger (more the motions more is the hunger)  
5. Anal burning after motion
6. Tea/Coffee triggers bowel motion.

What foods should i eat and avoid.

Please start with--

Allerg care cap--1 morning evening
Chitrakharitaki avleh---1 spoon morning evening
Bilav avleh--1 spoon morning evening
Lakshmi vilas ras---1 morning evening
Sanjivani vati--2 morning evening
all this for 2 months

u can see details on and u can order with my assistant Mr Ashwani at

dr meenakshi


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