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Dear Dr. Joshi,
As I understand, taking honey with medicine or tonic herbs, due to its special properties, allows the medicine or herbs to be more quickly assimilated by the body, transporting it to the deepest tissues.
If one takes a tonic herb with honey, should one thus reduce its dosage, as its effect would be more potent with honey?
Thank you in advance for your help and many kind greetings from France.

Dear Mr Aaron

Sorry for late reply. Yes you are right honey has those special properties which makes it a good medium to have it with herbs.

In ayurvedic language honey is Yogwahi. it means which adepts the qualities of the acting herb or mineral. Besides good taste it improves the healing qualities of the herbal preparations.
I don't have any reference stating that doses should be reduced if taking with honey. I personally think it should not matter much, As i feel it makes the herb more favorable towards balancing the altered dosha. So instead of increasing the active portion of the herb it increases the gunas or properties of the herb. for example May be some thing like if we are hungry, quantity of food to reduce hunger is going to same but making it bit more hotter to improve the digestion. so quantity of active ingredient is same but the quality is improved. This is my way of understanding. In nut shell you need not to reduce the dose untillunless further indicated.
Stay blessed. Lots of blessing from land of Budha and Maha Bodhi temple which I visited yesterday.


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