And thanks for previous answers.
I just have a quick question.

Is it dangerous abstaining from ejaculation for a long period of time, like 6 months? I know western doctors dont recomend not ejaculating cause they say it can damage the prostate. But I know chinese medicine and ayurveda has a different point of view. I've heard people abstaining from sex and having alot of more energy, clarity and anxiety problems dissapearing, proboably because it balances vata. What do you think? is it ok to abstain for 6 months?

Thank you

Dear hevar

Sorry for late reply as I was out of station for some time. Yes in ayurveda abstinence is recommended if vata is high and body is suffering from ojokshya. As you understand ayurveda so I assume u are getting me.

If person is healthy and just want to restore balance in body 6 month is ok. In case one is doing some sadhna or spiritual practice may be he will require for longer times too.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi




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