QUESTION: namaste Dr,
My daughter is 3yr n 1mnth old, she speaks 20 to 3o words such as mamma,dadda,papa,bye,ball etc,we took her to speech therapist she suggest BERA TEST and we did that, in that we found her hearing loss,she responds to 60 db to 8db,Dr suggested Hearing aid for her which m going to buy soon for her speech development.but I don't want her to continue her life with hearing aid.
6 month back we consult her to NADI TADNYA AURVESIC DR,
he suggest some medicines suvarna moti yukt.we followed complete course with all dose n don't. But result is 0.
last year also we did BERA TASE and its   match with current test reports.
Please suggest me some medicines for  my daughter so she can lead her life without hearing aid as a normal one.
waiting for your reply.
Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear archna

Your daughter is suffering from hearing problem since birth. In ayurveda this is a difficult problem to tackle. Use hearing aids so she should not lag behind in other developments.
There is no need to give strong med too.

Can you tell me what is exact diagnosis? Is the deafness because of bone defect ,conduction,
You can send me mail on following email id.

Health n peace

Dr meenakshi joshi



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QUESTION: Thank u for reply,
Dr said its a Sensory loss. but they could not give any specific cause for her hearing loss. though she is 3yr 1mnth need to use hearing aid. we r ready for it but we want her to be normal with the help of  aurvedic  medicines.  
Thanks & Regards

Dear archna

You can safely give her ksheerbala 101 oil in the form of nasal drops. Put 1-1 drop twice a day. But make the drops warm before applying. Use 4-5 drops of it twice in her milk. This is very good to protect nerves.
Continue for 6 months. And do let me know.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi



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