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Hi Doctor,

I am writing you this mail for my son who is 18 but his height is only 5.1 - i would appreciate if u can tell me what i can do to increase his height - his weight is around 50 kg he is strong - he can break a brick his hands - i make him do pull ups and stretching exercises but its not helping his height - also he cant get SLEEP - i have spoken to him a lot of time but does not seem to know why he cant sleep - i think lack of sleep is not letting him grow and not increase HGH in his body - also he get a lot of pimples and he is obsessed with his face he keeps on applying a lot of creams but still gets pimples my other kid is 12 growing well he is 4.9'',.

I would be extremely thankful if u can help my child.



Dear Manav ji,

Greetings !

Firstly you have not mentioned your height.
Secondly lack of proper sleep is the major cause for short height cos this reduces the HGH secretion.So first we can treat this.Take following medicines for this.
Cap Tagar (Himalaya) 2 caps in the evening.
Tab Mentat-DS (Himalaya) 2 tabs early in the morning.

Give this for one week and then do tell me about his sleep pattern.Then we can plan further.


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