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I wonder what kind of treatment does ayurveda recommend for low back lumps (sometimes called back mouse). A small research I did online revealed that these lumps are formed by fat escaping through "a rip in the facia (membrane) and often take nerves with it.  These rips can be caused by trauma, lifting, sitting too much, or other possible causes." (quoting from a website)

All websites agree that there is no way to treat this through conventional medicine apart from surgery. Well, I discovered this on myself today! I felt some superficial discomfort and slight pain in that area and discovered a big moving lump. I was not alarmed because I thought this is something superficial that will eventually go away. I have been a dancer in the past, now a dance teacher and yoga instructor. I can't believe that this is not treatable. Throughout my dance career I ve dealt with more serious injuries and had surgery. It sounds to me absurd that the websites recommend surgery for such a minor problem that does not affect one's vital systems directly.

So I wonder if Ayurveda talks about this condition, and whether it gives a cause and recommend a treatment.

Thanks in advance

ANSWER: Dear Angie

You are right there are many instances of low back or sacral or ischiosacral subcutaneous lipoma.
It affects females mostly and over weight persons may have increased  chances of getting it.
Many a times there is no history of sudden pain or discomfort with it. It remains there symptom free and without causing any sort of  discomfort for years together.
It is present usually to lateral side of the natural dimple of the sacrum but positions can be other than this too. Usually size is not more than 3 cms. and they are in multiple numbers on both sides. many a times there is a herniated disc or slight rupture associated with it. These lipomas are multiple and little hard or encapsulated but moving. There can be pain or triggering point associated with these. Mostly because of the pressure it exerts on underlying nerves and fascia or soft tissues.  

Now regarding your case I will suggest you to see a dr and make a correct diagnosis.Many a times we feel that the lines on which we are diagnosing are absolutely perfect and no one knows our body more than us. but still I will advice you to see a specialist. Most of the times pain and discomfort because of these lipomas are self limiting and relieved by rest or it can be cyclic which can be relieved by various medications or simply reducing the tension in that area.

In your case as I am understanding from your mail you have only one lump and you are writing its big one. Though you have not mentioned the exact exact size. Secondly as stated by you that you have a history of surgeries. So to be on safer side I will ask you to get correct diagnosis of this. If they diagnose it as a lipoma or back mouse only then there is no cause of worry i will write some remedies here.

By the time you get back to me dont apply any kind of pressure which can irritate the local tissues.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi

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QUESTION: Hello again and thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately there are no Ayurvedic doctors where I live and I am very suspicious of normal doctors. I have visited them so many times and never benefited. The only good thing is the instruments they have to diagnose a situation like MRI and other scans. Anyway, feelings of resentment do me no good either :)).

Good news, this lump has been reduced greatly (from about 4-5 cm to 0,5), its now very very small.

6 days ago I had the wedding of a good friend, I think there were 3 points of stress that caused this lump: 1. wearing high heels for many hours 2. dancing all night 3. lack of sleep.

I am optimistic that it will disappear completely.

Thanks again for the info!

Dear Angie

Thats good that it is regressing by itself. So its clear now that because of stress the swelling was there. do some fomentation if it still pains. may be dry heat or make a bolus of garlic and castor leaves make them enough hot with some castor oils on it,which you can just tolerate for few seconds at a stretch. keep them on the area and repeat. Do it for half an hour. meanwhile avoid any cold food. try to keep bowel movements good. It will be fine after soem time. Take care.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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