I've been having some trouble with sleeping. I always am very puffy in the face and have dark circles when i wake up and never feel refreshed, doesnt matter how long i sleep, can be 8 hours, can be 10 hours still always tired. and I've noticed the only thing that gets rid of the puffiness and dark circles is Deep breathing exercises. my swollen stomach and face gets flat after 5 min of deep breathing. So my guess is I dont get optimal oxygen levels when I sleep on my stomach.

And so I've read on internet that your Posture affects your breathing and so I started sitting straigt up and I never have edema problems anymore! exept from when I wake up from sleep. I usually sleep on my stomach wich i know is very bad. but i was shocked when i Saw that ayurveda says sleeping on back is also not good. But apparently sleeping on left side is very good and even better is sleeping sitting up. they say sitting up will get the best oxygen uptake while sleeping.

" Sleeping sitting up provides the most alert sleep and is the best. Yogis
often sleep sitting up.

Sleeping on the right side is relaxing, and it activates the left
nostril, which cools and relaxes the body making it easier to control
(which is good for Yoga).

Sleeping on the back disturbs Vata. It activates both nostrils at the
same time, which produces disease by (encouraging energy to leave the
body). Sleeping on the back harms the brain.

Sleeping on the stomach disturbs everything. It causes disease by
obstructing deep, healthy breathing. "

What do you think of all this? should I try sleeping while sitting down?

Thank you very much!!!

Dear Hevar

I appreciate your efforts. But dont you think besides this all gathered information there is a supreme knowledge ; wisdom of nature and the laws of nature. No body tells a new born baby to suck milk and start breathing. I think you will agree by this. To gather knowledge and understanding things and to apply these when required is two different aspects. Every thing you cant apply on yourself. that is the point where all of us behave differently. some people try to relate and experiment all on themselves and some really dont take any thing seriously. So both of these extremes are not healthy. Let laws of nature do it to you if you are not suffering from any thing seriously.If you are healthy, nature will do what is right for you. If all of us  will start controlling the things from which nostril to breathe which part of brain to activate think what will become of the world. Every part of life is important of us. When we started walking erect after evolution of man kind,  no one decided now how to sleep. So these parameters are good if you need help. Your anxiety and knowledge is making you disturbed as you want to apply everything on you now.

Regarding your puffiness, you are right some times when we sleep on stomach after eating,  it may cause blockage of lymph flow. So that wont be good. Some times if you are not having a heavy stomach and lack of sleep and stress is there. you can sleep on your stomach too it will relax you lot. after sleeping you will be always changing the sides.

But if you are suffering from circulation problems may be to avoid blockage its better to sleep on side. Perfect healthy way is to sleep on left side rest all you can change occasionally if your body is demanding it that way. Just listen to your own body and it will tell you its own laws and where it is more comfortable.So enjoy life instead of enjoying gathered knowledge and listen to your body more patiently there you will be able to apply your knowledge some times if required.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi




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