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Dear Dr. Joshi,

I would like to ask a few brief questions about some aspects of food preparation in Ayurveda, if I may.

- During food preparation, if the food is heated, then cold water is added afterward (which of course makes a sort of sizzling noise when it is added, with release of steam) during the cooking process, will this not have a negative impact on the quality and life force of the meal? (often in Ayurvedic recipes I have read, (presumably cold) water is added to the cooking meal at some point during the preparation).

- Fruits are not supposed to be eaten with non-fruit meals - but what about dates and raisins? Often kheer recipes, for example, call for them, as well as some porridges with cereals. And chavanprash, being mostly amla fruit, can be taken with non-fruit meals without a problem?

- Pre-cooked, canned food is considered to be lifeless and tamasic. But powdered herbs and rasayanas (that may have been cooked beforehand) that have been stored would, by the same logic, be lifeless and tamasic, yes? For they are no longer fresh, and particularly if they have been cooked beforehand in preparation?
I am asking this question because I have found canned sardines (fish) to be generally beneficial for me, although I try almost always not to eat tamasic, lifeless foods.

Thank you very much in advance for your attention and help, and many warm greetings from France!



Yes adding cold water, gives toxic effect so one should try to use minimum of that and heating for too long changes the properties of the food.

About taking fruits with non fruit meals ---is just theories of many people.,So it is more of belief system and the way u feel comfortable u preach that to others. So i won't comment on this. It is ur free will how u want to eat and feel good with. It is more to do with country and body type. Sometimes something is suitable for certain people and countries life style and something is not suitable for others.

Herbs don't lose properties but definitely potency of herb is effects if it is kept for long time. Moreover preservation methods vary and they are done to increase the life and effect of the herb.

It has nothing to do with being lifeless. Many mineral based medicines are used ayurveda like-----Calcium corals, Diamond and gold powder is made organic by grinding the whole thing with various herbs and juices. So they are absorbed by the body.
And they are best sex tonics and rejuvinate the system and even fight cancer.

see details on my

dr meenakshi  


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