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Ayurveda/Medicine for cough and cold in 3 year old child


My 3 year old  grandson frequently suffers from cold and cough sometimes associated with fever.Is there any preventive immunity booster Ayurveda medicines WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS(considering his age)The baby cannot take tablets ,only medicines in liquid form he can take

Dear Mr Kalyan

With all other things i hope you must be taking care of cold too. keep him away from cold foods and keep him warm. If he cant take pills and all. may be you can try mixing med in honey that will be good for him.

Try to give him ginger juice half spoon with equal honey and a pinch of dalchini (cinnamon) powder four times a day with warm water or milk. Avoid giving any types of curds or ice creams. You can give warm milk and paneer.

give kumarkalyan ras tab 1/2 1/2 twice a day with honey. you can mix in above said mixture. continue for 3 months and do let me know.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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