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Ayurveda/Nutrition tonic for my child


QUESTION: Dear Doctor,
I am looking for a complete nutritive health tonic for my son (5 yrs old)which contains all the elements(calcium, iron) for his balanced physical and mental growth besides building immunity. The problem faced by my child is frequent cough and cold (after a gap of one month)besides having a haemoglobin count of 10.1. I have been advised to give Ayukid plus manufactured by Aarogyam( I looked at it composition and found that every 10 ml(one spoon 2 times a day)contains Ashwagandha- 25 mg. The other constituents are Apple Ext(2.5 gm), Brahmi(250 mg), Shankhpushpi(50 mg), Vidankhand(50 mg), Kali mirch (25 mg), Tulsi(25 mg), Giloy(25 mg),Sounf(50 mg), Pan leaves(10 mg), Sunthi(50 mg). Excipients are Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium EDTA, Xanthangum, Sugar & D.M water. My concern is about the Ashwagandha component in this tonic. Please advise whether the above mentioned formulation is safe to be given to my child . Also if you have concern about any other component then also please let me know.
Thanks in advance,
Best regards

It is completely safe to use this for ur child other supplement that is effective for kinds is
Herbonic powder--1 spoon in milk , It is of Maharishi ayurveda.
see my for more info

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QUESTION: Dear Doctor,
Thanks for your reply. I was mainly concerned about Ashwagandha which is known to interfere with hormonal balance and sexual stimulation. So will it affect my 5 yrs old son from that perspective although the quantity to be given daily is only 50 mg. Please answer this.
Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Small quantity of Ashwagandha is safe. So nothing to worry please. It is very very safe and useful to be used for ur child.

It is good for over all development of child and won't stimulate sexual system at this tender age. So keep faith and u will see good development and improvement in his health


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