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I have another questions about ama. There is a saying in Ayurveda that the most nutritious nectar will be poison to someone who is unable to digest it.

Certain foods, like dates, milk. almonds, honey... are extremely healthy and nutritious in themselves, and are said to nourish ojas directly.

My question is: if one has low digestive fire and eats these foods, and is unable to digest them, will this produce more powerful, more toxic ama than if one eats "weaker" foods that one is unable to digest?

Thank you again for your help!

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In Ayurveda we consider Agni (Digestive Fire) as the base of life.So its our utmost responsibility to make it potent and try to avoid such heavy food.
When we tend to eat such heavy though nutritious food which is difficult to digest cos of poor fire then no doubt it will produce Ama. Now the strength of Ama depend on quantity of such food and previous undigested food in the stomach.It doesn't matter what food we eat but depends on how poor our Agni is and how repeated we take such food.In other words assume we have very poor agni and we already have a stage of Ama in the body then then even small food will further aggravate this condition.Even in such conditions even small of medicines act as poison.Even though quality of such food do matter for production of severity of Ama.

Now how to increase or strengthen this Agni. Cows Ghee is the best material to strengthen this Agni.If by chance we had to happen to eat such heavy food in the state of poor Agni then better to avoid next food and give ample of time to digest this food.Its nothing like that only dates, milk,almonds, honey etc is good.Even butter milk,wheat porridge and vegetable soup also help to increase Ojas in poor Agni persons.
I hope this is clear to you.


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