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Dear Dr Meenaxi. Please help if you can. I am a diabetic(type 2). On paper I should not be experiencing the complications that I have, because everysince I became diabetic(I have been diabetic for only 4 years). My a1c's have been normal(average frm 4.8 to 5.4), yet I have these major complications. Painful polyneuropathy(urinary/gastro dysfuntion neuroapthy), foot ulcers/ eyeproblems(cataracts/dry eyes), impotence. All of this with normal a1cs in only 4 years. My doctors are perplexed, and all they can say is that I am a unique case. When I became diabetic, I wanted no parts of drugs or insulin, therefore I used herbs(I take ojamin from India(you can google it). It has kept my sugars normal. Since doctors had no answer for me, on why this is happening to me, I decided ot do my own research, and found out that really the real cause of diabetic complications are the high sugar spikes after you eat, and that the a1c is a average, but it does not take into account the high sugar spikes after you eat, especially if you eat once a day(I eat once a day). The a1c is a average blood sugars for 3 month period. And yes, I have high sugar spikes after I eat. I wish I would have known this, because this ignorance my cause me my life, because diabetes is a progressive illness,and I have major complications early in this disease. I thought that as long as the a1c was normal, then I was okay. from what I have just recently read that is not the case. So I am thinking about taking insulin, since I have read, that it gets sugars down the quickest after you eat. Before I do that, I want to ask as many persons/doctors as possible that is educated on diabetes are their any natural/herbal product that can simulate what insulin does, or that can keep a diabetics sugars from rising, and be just as effective as insulin is? If you have any advice/opinion on what I as a diabetic can do to achieve this(stop high sugar spikes after I eat with natural herbs), God knows I would be very grateful, because I do not want to take drugs or insulin(unless It is a necessity. which is really the case now, but their might be a herb that can get my sugars down quickly just like insulin can). That is what I am asking of you Dr Meenaxi. Can you give me any advice on how I can help better manage my post meal sugar spikes after I eat. Any advice you can give, that can help me achieve this, I will be forever grateful. Thank you. Elbert Vaughn

Hello Elbert
I will suggest that for all the details and issues on diabetes , please get in touch with my husband Dr Vikram Chauhan , who is an expert in handling Diabetic patients. u Can write to him directly on him mail
I will recommend u the link ---- of our planetayurveda for diabetes.

dr meenakshi


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