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QUESTION: Hello Mam! I'm having some serious problems with my height. I'm 5.3Ft and i'm going to turn to 19 this june of 2013. I have come across several height pills or surgeries or advices but they are  just expensive and doesn't work. I did stretching exercise for one month but that didn't help me out (I know that it should be done regularly but my exams are near so i paused it till my exam gets over). My height is very important for my career. I don't want height to impress girls or to fit in the society. I want it to pursue my dreams. I know it will sound tough and crazy but i need a height close to 6Ft or more. I used to be a bright student but due to my personality issues i lost my focus on my primary duty like studies. Not only that, i even get confused sometimes on small things just coz of this problem. I know that its a natural phenomenon but i also know that science is next to nature and can do the wonders. So Mam please do suggest me some effective ways that will SURELY increase my height. I'm waiting.......

ANSWER: Dear asoka

Ok if I tell you in simple language that there are no short cuts to efforts and money cant buy every thing, are you going to believe me? If it would have been so easy to gain height after spending lots on surgery and over the counter useless products then why u think shahrukh khan, salman khan or aamir khan not tried that and became 6 feet ? do reply me first.

meanwhile work on exercise, good body, pleasing personality and a good career. emphasize and what you have instead of fretting over what u dont have. coz like this you will lose what you already have. god has given every one some good qualities focus on those you seem intelligent so hope you will understand.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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QUESTION: Hello again Mam! thanks for your kind reply! But i just wanted to know some techniques or  ways that will help me gain some height. And regarding shortcuts, it is true that at present nothing can make a person gain height in an easy way. But there must be some way, like tough exercise or strict disciplined food routine or anything though it may take time. I know some stretching exercises like touching toes by standing, in bed, some yoga techniques(i don't know the name, saw it on TV). But i m not sure if they are effective, and as far as i know i still have time and want to take advantage of every little second i have left. So if there is any ideas or ways that improves my height i would be grateful to you for providing it.

Dear asoka

Yes exercise are only good which can help you. Generally you can improve your spinal cushions and this way can get some height also. But it's not much to be noticed. So apart from doing all stretches you can also try swimming. And stretching by hanging from parallel bar. Basket ball is again important game for ht. Try all these and work on your positive points.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi  


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