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I m 21 years height is 5'4 and my father's height is also 5'4 i want to increase my height to 2-3 it possible to increase my height at this age. do these products(like STEP UP,gtmteleshopping)r effective and it possible to increase height using ayurveda.please help me.

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Dear Rohit

After 21 generally bones finish growing so even if you grow is by increasing the cushions in between the joints to a very less extant but with lots of efforts. this much you can easily gain by having high shoes. its not easy to gain height with products and money so many bollywood stars have very very less ht. so u need to understand money cant buy much. focus on your virtues, gain confidence and good killing attitude success and happiness dont depend on height.
Start exercise and make good body. you can use ashwagandha powder and stretching exercise.

Health and peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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