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QUESTION: Hello there - I have burning just above my stomach. I also feel lazy after eating. I'm also burping food and the taste of food that I ate hours ago that should have long gone from my stomach. I had this problem over a year now. I drink milk and or ate ice cream.

The problem is I get burning during the night. is this Indigestion? For example, if I sleep on my right hand side, i begin to feel burning around the chest area. If I sleep on my left hand side, that kills it???

I dont eat fish, vegetables. I eat fast food like chicken, chips, pizzas, meat.

Please help me on this.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Mr Craig

So see you urself admitting what type of diet you are eating. No problem. send me details of your life style and food habits we need to correct it. You are taking opposite foods too thats not giving you proper digestion. this way food start fermenting and spoiling health.
Send me detail chart of your day routine and diet chart with age ht wt and if any other problem or med u are taking how is bowel movements and sleep and if there is any stress.
Meanwhile try to have light meals no junk and market food. start apple cider vinegar 10 drops morning and evening in 1 glass of water.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes! I admit to what type of diet I am eating! My life style is as follows:

Every morning I have no breakfast - When I reach my work place I just have 2 cups tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar and a doughnut.

For lunch - I have chicken and chips with coca cola drink. If I still feel hungry I have chocolates, chocolate biscuits, soft drink but not water, (I cant remember when was the last time I drank water!). I then have 1 cup  tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar.

When I reach home after work - I have 1 cup tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar. I have no dinner - I go out to chicken shop and buy chicken and chips, chicken burger, coca cola drink. If I am still hungry - I buy 9 inch pizza.

Before I go sleep - I have 1 cup tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar.

So this is my daily routine. My age is 28 years old and male. Height is: 5'8.5". weight is 13st 14lb. Am I overweight for my age? What should my weight be?

I also have Acne (skin condition) on my forehead. Please advise on this please.

My urine color is like pale to medium amber color.

I keep saying to my self, that I need to change my diet habit, but I don't. Since last 2 weeks, I have been walking to and back from work rather than by public transport. My work place is 2 miles away from my home. I reach my work place in 35 minutes.

Can I ask what is apple cider vinegar? is apple cider vinegar help me reduce my weigh?

So Dr Meenakshi Joshi, can you kindly advise me on the above problem? What else can you tell me from the above diet? Please advise. I look forward to your reply. Many Thanks.

Dear Craig

Sure once you decide to change your habits you will be much better. OK check this and follow too. Once you will be fine then may be once in awhile you can eat little junk too. But right now you need to change and be strict to yourself.
In morning as you wake up have 3-4 glasses of warm water. You can drink all together or can take some time like one hour. Then after finishing your morning routine have breakfast. Cereals, oats, cornflakes quinoa seeds or anything nutritious you can take. With that either milk or light tea.
In between breakfast and lunch have a fruit break. You can take assorted fruits or fresh fruit juice also. In lunch take a egg,vegetable or chicken sandwich or rice and curry. No burgers cheeses or any other processed food. You can make yourself veg sandwich with some salads fresh cottage cheese, cucumber tomatoes or like wise.
In between lunch and dinner. Try to have soup, juice occasionally tea or herbal tea without tea leaves. You can take some healthy snacks like fiber cookies,protein bar or puffed grains roasted grains or nuts. No chips or fried potato items.
Dinner keep early and light. Try to have before 8pm. Light gruels stews chicken soups boiled vegetables or multigrain slice any of these things will be fine.
Night time you can have milk instead of tea or ginger boiled milk or light herbal tea. No aerated drinks,no processed food,no high calorie food no high salts or sugars. In total have atleast 12 glasses of water and other liquids. Nothing cold all warm.
Do this for 45 days and indigestion problem will be fine. We will discuss further once you  strictly follow this.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi  


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