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Respected mam,I'm dentist & my 4 yr daughtr is suffering from coughing prblm since last 2-3 months.we tried kumar kalyan ras & it worked very well.she shows eosinphils count raised{allergy}.earlier she couldn't even sit calmly for 2 min.but now she gets coughing 30-35 times in a day.wanted to know:
whether k. klyan ras is right med for her?
can it be given for a long time?if yes till what duration should it be given & what dose?
ddoes it have any side effect like mercury poisoning?
also some friend suggestd shringhrabh ras would work bettr is it true?

Dear Dr Joshi

Thats good that child is getting benefit from the medicine. 125 mg twice or thrice in day you can give without any problem. you can also try sitopaladi churna mixed in honey let her lick four times a day. it will also help her in calming down and improve intelligence. sitopaladi churn is sweet in taste and you can continue for much longer times.
Kumar kalyan ras you can give for 40 days and if symptoms are relieved then start arvindasav which is liquid and works well for immunity along with sitopaladi.
about side effects and metals. generally all metals works as carriers of active medicinal ingredients and dnt harm if they are manufactured well. Alternatively after forty days you start reducing doses and start arvindasav and sitopaladi. and drop kumar kalyan once child is good and continue rest.
shringabhra will be very effective if she is having lots of mucus and wet cough. send me the details since how long and in wat dose you are giving. so we can decide more.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi  


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